[Archive] Longing for a Gobbo


Weeeh, I miss my Black Gobbos so much, he is dead for such a long time now, but I can’t deal with it. :’(

Uhm okay, seriously… I think most of you know the E-Zine Black Gobbo which was formally releasted on the US GW Page. It had some awesome articles and everything I miss in modern WD, wich is nothing more than an expensive commercial brochure. It is pretty sad that it’s not running anymore, but what is even more sad, is that I can’t find the older issues. Isn’t there any page in the World Wide Web with an arcive of the old BG issues? Would be such a pitty, it had some great articles and awesome pictures of conversions. Any idea, any help?

Pyro Stick:

You could try looking here: