[Archive] Look at this Monster!

Golder Goldeater:

I am not sure if they are scary or funny but despite their flaws I like them!

I think they would fit well in any Chaos Dwarf army.

Have a look (If you dare);



Kera foehunter:

Wow !!Mr. Goldeather How does one get a Monster to look like there Avatar??


You bet i"ll get one of those


Definately not scary. But they would definately work in a Chaos Dwarf army. Especially with the comical look of the big hats.


They’d be great hobgoblin unit fillers in a big hat army


How does that thing close its mouth lol… not a fan.


I actually bought the “Barbarian King on Throne” bit that goes with that Dunger thing with the platform in its back, for another project.The resin is very brittle and chips off when you try to cut it with a blade.I was thinking about getting that Boneyard Truck vehicle to convert into an Iron Demon, but decided against it.

Ramshackle Games Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic models


I like the model very expensive put’s me of.

Golder Goldeater:

They'd be great hobgoblin unit fillers in a big hat army

Except that the particular ones are HUGE! 12cm high and 15 cm long.
That's probably onlyfit for a destroyer.
However there are smaller versions here;

(The one on the right seems like he's put a trollface on)




Scary, of course!!!

Mad Dave:

i think i’ll pass on this one


Fun models if you’re that way inclined, and have cash to throwaway

Father Grumpmas:

The Ramshackle minis are quite good fun if a bit cheap and cheerful.

Given that the beastie in question would easily fill one of the new GW 100X150mm bases, its a pretty solid hunk of resin you are paying for.