[Archive] Looking for 3rd edition Chaos Dwarfs


Hi guys, now I have had a fancy for the CD’s since I found out about them a few years back and I now was planning on converting an army of the BfSP plastics, however after seeing pulpers 3rd edition army with that great bull centaur that Pyro dug up from HoH I really wanted to get hold of some 3rd edition chaos dwarfs, any will do including the citadel ones that no one seems to like that much, just the basic warriors. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and while some of you may be thinking why don’t you just buy them off ebay? The citadel chaos dwarfs (just the standard warriors, not the crossbowmen or warmachines) don’t seem to come up in quantity much. I can pay with money or trade the following-

* one complete unit of 20 classic forest goblins with command, unforunately I couldn’t get hold off the old small round shields and had to settle with the normal goblin shields if thats okay. Heres a link to the forest goblins, the unit contains

Forest Goblin Boss 1

Forest Goblins Drummer 1 (he is the only painted model in the regiment and is done to a fairly high level)

Forest Goblin Banner Bearer 3

9 (meaning 9 miniatures) Forest Goblin With Spear 1

8 Forest Goblin With Spear 2.

What I want,

Any 2nd/3rd edition CD’s, ANY!~

Anyone intrested please post below��:cheers:��(hopefully this thread dosen’t contain people telling me to go and buy some GS to convert my own :P)


Not going to tell you to make your own with green stuff. But that is teh best options for CDs these days. Unfortunately you are going to be out of luck for the most part on vultureBay. Why you might ask? What you are offering for trade is in no way shape or form equivalent to 3rd edition chaos dwarfs. What do I say by this? The reason: 3rd edition chaos dwarfs are actually coming up quite frequently on vultureBay. Unfortunately as with most CD pricing, the prcies border on obscene at best and flat out ridiculous at worse. The problem then becomes that you will have to spend a boatload of money in order to field a unit of CDs.

Now trading is all well and fine, but you are going to find most here who have 3rd edition chaos dwarfs are going to be unlikely to trade them for other figures, cash maybe, but definitely not for forest goblins, especially plastic ones I presume? Right now metal CDs are a premium product… forest goblins, not so much.

This is not me as a fan of 3rd edition models saying this, its a fairly common conviction, ask Tallhat for instance. As his name suggests he is a fan of th4 4th/5th edition models; even he concedes this. Its not a question of like or dislike, its a question of supply and demand. Demand is high and supply is low for CDs of the 3rd edition nature in general, except for the afore mentioned vultureBay.

This has come up once before thats why I’m pointing it out, in no way should it be taken as a snide response. You might find someone willing to trade them, I’d put that at unlikely however…


You may also want to try posting on BarterTown.

You may also want to consider posting this on Greenskin forums (e.g. Da Warpath) in case one of them wants the old greenies and has CD lying around.

Even if they don’t they may be willing to pay good money for old greenskins, which you could then spend on eBay.

Hope that’s of some help.


This is what I was referring to earlier Rumi-



sorry for my absence got distracted by “other” things, Tahnk you for you’re comments Willmark I think I understand :slight_smile: You all so said you presume that they are plastic? plastic forest goblins? any thank you, I get it :cheers: (excuse my threadomancy)


Not a problem Rumi and don’t take it as me being a jerk, not my intention.

Also if they are even metal forest goblins is still not like for like in terms of trade value.