[Archive] Looking for 40k Rogue Trader Rule book

Blue in VT:

Howdy all.

I would like to get my hands on the original 40k rules…anyone got a spare copy? I’m not too concerned about its condition…as long as all the rules are there.

US source would be preferred just to save on shipping.




Hey Blue what are you up too? Are you going to start collecting Rogue Trader stuff?

Blue in VT:

Sadly I sold off all of RT space marines a year or so ago. I’m actually looking for these to use as a basis for some WWII rules. I have a couple of friends that I have started playing WFB with…they are gaming virgins…but are interested in WWII as well…so want these as a base of rules that are similar to what they are used to.

I would love some squats though…hhmmmm

Naw the bank acct is already mtspped out with my current "needs"




I have one - a softcover version. If you’re interested, PM me. I’m in Canada, so the shipping shouldn’t be crazy.


You can also try looking at Laserburn, from 15m.co.uk. Laserburn was the pre-eminent SF mini rules back in the day (alongside Striker for Traveller) and was essentially the basis for 1st Ed Warhammer 40k.  Laserburn was intended to be “campaign” independent, allowing you to use it with whatever SF background you like. Its kind of generic.

Also, I highly recommend Stargrunt from Ground Zero Games, since it models future warfare but also a technology scale from World War 1 upward to very far future with the same system. The rules are also free from GZG. Oh yeah, and its scaleless, so you can use whatever minis you want with it.


I am guessing that Blue is refering to this rule-set, which uses the 40K gaming “mechanics”.

WWW2alternaterules · Warhammer WW2 Alternate Rules

Alternative Warhammer WW2 is a free fast and furious miniatures wargame system for skirmish (platoon) level WW2 battles, loosely based on a variation of Warhammer 40K game mechanics, and is intended either for players with some experience with 40K who wish to expand their horizons into WW2 historical gaming, or WW2 historical gamers looking for a set of quick play rules. If you are looking for “Warhammer Panzer Battles”, you’ve found its direct descendant.
And the link, if anyone is interested.


Update:These rules need 3rd, 4th or 5th edition WH40k, so maybe Blue isn’t using these ww2 rules. Hmmm…I wonder how he is going to do it.

Blue in VT:

I have those rules for the latest edition and they are decent…but not very similar to classic Warhammer…much more like Rules of Engagment…which is also a great rules set but…again…I’m trying to keep things simple for my new gamers (don’t want to scare them off! They are my only hope!).

As far As modding the 1st ed. rules…I think I’ll just use the game as is…just figuring out which 40k weapons “equate” to WWII weapons…you know “Lasgun=M1 Garand” etc. For stats everyone will be Imperial guard. This will keep things very basic but with the same mechanic as they are used to from the WFB they have been exposed to…its all about having fun after all!

Thanks for the help all.

Zobo…you have a PM.