[Archive] Looking for a blunderbuss


Hi all, well i’ve finnaly started converting my Dawi Zharr models but need to know what I could do with blunderbusses, I think I have a weapon for my champion (a dwarf handgun with the dragon flute thing from the warrior sprue instead of the normal barrel) but I din’t know what to do for the normal guys.

so, has anyone got any ideas?

The Flying Beaver:

Get the dwarf thunderer box, glue the bucklers to then barrel, and with greenstuff make the “bell” shape complete. Convert the rest of the model as you would a normal chaos dwarf warrior.

Ghrask Dragh:

The thunderers box set is good because you have the thunderers are simple to convert plus the crossbows are also easy to do, order another sprue at half the price to get more bodies and job done!


I’ve made a unit of 18 Blunderbusses with just one box of Thunderers. I sculpted an extra couple of bodies myself. They look a little odd on their own but when they are in the middle of the unit you really can’t tell. My basic conversion is here: [[Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss Conversions]]