[Archive] Looking for a painted army I saw on google


I recently saw a painted chaos dwarf big hat army that looked to be Communist themed. Lots of red, custom banners that were 4-5 models wide and the bases looked like a stone or cobblestone road. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Im looking for those pics and cant find them.

Kera foehunter:

I know what your talking about. i think they came from a site in Germany

is this the one that also had scud rocket launchers too??


It has been discussed several times (Thommy H forgive us!!!)

Here’s the link:


A beautiful army indeed!


Right so I can not take credit for that army BUT, I am a good friend of the guy who owns it. His name is Bowman, he ran the LoneWolf Indy GT here in Texas over at Dallas. His army has sadly fallen into disarray as he became busy with being a lawyer. I am not sure if he will ever bring it back to its past glory. GW really went wild over it back in the day, back when the WhiteDwarf actually did good bat reps and articles that mattered instead of the current bs. Old glories damn I feel old now.

Da Crusha:

@skink: you beat me to it.

@geist: that is pretty neat. I haven’t been to that tournament but there were a couple of guys from that area who came to Quake city Rumble last year. I think one won best paint with a beautifully painted orc army.


I am going to guess that the Orc army was painted by Ryan. Who has become the most insane army painter of them all here in Texas. In fact I firmly believe no one can paint better than him. He wins every paint category at all the Indy’s.