[Archive] Looking for a volcano


Well my custom made wargaming table has finally been made. Now I am in search of a very nice looking volcano model to complement my chaos dwarfs. Does anyone know of a great looking volcano model or terrain peice? I thank you all for any help in this matter.


I would go for part of a mountainside with a lava flow, even a 1000m high volcano would be around 15m.


I purchased these at a local gaming con.

Terrain | WarGamma

the lava pools are nice, inexpensive. Some people like to do their own.

The volcano is the Bad-mo-fo of the group. Really worth every cent, and it’s cheap too!


Wow when I see those I wish shipping to where I live was a safe deal. They are great and also not expensive at all! At least the lava pools…

Anyways, I am not a terrain artisan but a vulcano is probably not one of the hardest things to do yourself. Take into account that edges and rubble form due to massive explosions rather than erosion, and that makes the cutting job easier, since you don’t need to achieve that rounded feeling in the edges and rubble would be squareish rather than rolling-stones-ish.


heres a picture of the one i made,

its 2 tables and the volcano is where the 2 join. The Table is made from ceiling tiles with “rivers” cut out, the volcano itself is made from the ceiling tiles built up. I then poured plaster of paris down the side of the volcano and into the rivers


Did you pour it while the mixture was still warm? It is awesome!


@ Nagged = awesome table there

@ Blackspine = nice store bought terrain.

I’ll be using them as references for home made attempts.


Alternatively check out Zuzzy miniatures website, they have a marvelous Despoiled Reaches gaming mat, complete with rocky spires, sulphur mounds and this kind of things. :cheers