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I have recently started back on the local tournament scene and I have been having sucess with the armies just about to get a new book in the form of O&G and Ogres.

I enjoy tournaments and like bringing something different whilst still being competetive. Now the local tournaments will not allow any book that is not offical (Yes I know ravaging hordes is legal but it’s a little iffy with the organizers I have asked).

So I love the new forge models and want to convert loads of other Dwarfs (should Forgeworld not create normal dwarfs).

I want to use the CD at a tournament as a different army.

WoC comes to mind as the best idea (apart from the base size which doesn’t phase me too much)

So what are your guys views on this? I don’t want to spend a load on the Dwarves and not use them at the tournaments as they are most of my games.

So what would you use as the various units in a Warrior army? I was thinking

A sorcerer of Death and one of fire as hellsmiths/sorcerers.

Marauders as slaves/hobgoblins

Chaos Warriors as basic CD

Chosen as infernal Guard

A warshrine as a juggernaught (or iron daemon) pulled forge.

Hellcannon as well a cannon.

The other throught I had was having a normal WoC army with just the chosen and characters as Dwarfs bar one character and having them as an allied force (in theme alone)

So any thoughts on this would be great!

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Thommy H
Thanks. closing Thread.


There’s still the FW list to consider, it might end up being widely accepted by tournaments.