[Archive] Looking for banner poles


Hi everybody!

I am looking for 2 banner poles… the set for the lammasu rider and one for a cd lord on foot… the one in the top 25 warhammer models.


I have the lamassu banner pole, but I will not sell it separately from the rest.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I don’t, but is it possible to usue some wire? Coil it around the pole-holders and straight up, then top with an emblem…


i think the wire idea is good, i was going to do that for my army standard

however you could also use something like toothpicks


What are you asking for your lamassu aki?

Thanks for the tips guys but I would really like to get the proper poles if I can.


I am most likely going to trade my lamassu for zombies over on TWF. but if it does not work out, I contact you.

Pyro Stick:

Start a thread over on bartertown or something and ask for them there. It has never dissapointed me (archaon on foot for £10!!!)