[Archive] Looking for big hat models


Hello Guys,

I’m looking for the following soldiers, I don’t care if painted, paint stripped or new.

The number of the model/pose is taken from CD wiki at following link http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/wiki/index.php?title=Chaos_Dwarf_Models_-_4th_to_7th_Edition

-Chaos Dwarf Axemen pose 2 and pose 4 (1 for each type)

-Bull Centaur pose 1 (1) and pose 3 (at least 2 of this type)

I’m looking also for the following but this is less urgent to me:

-Chaos Dwar Axemen A and B (from Warhammer quest)


-Chaos Dwarf bloodbowl (the 4 different type of dwarves).

-Chaos Dwarf bloodbowl Bull centaur.

Thank you all