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Does anyone know where I can find a picture and rules  for Black dwarf? Or maybe someone has the picture/rules?

I searched the forum and a network but there are only links to the White Dwarf - only there can it be found, but I do not have these numbers.

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Here is the original:


He didn’t have any specific rules.


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Did you see (or anyone) somewhere this figure painted?


Having just bought the white dwarf where he is first mentioned, there is no model at that time.  His rules were specific to the scenario, which I’d be happy to put here if anyone wants it (in a very basic form).


I did not even know there was a blck dwarf! My shame… could somebody tell us the fluff behind? I’m even more interested in fluff than rules… thanks


Grim: Wants, wants. If you could, I should be grateful if you put this whole scenario where it occurs. Buy this number is already impossible. Maybe You could put pictures of those parties? Well, unless it violates a copyright is a limited version will have to suffice.


A painted one;



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Not very nice miniature, what really want to know his history, has any?

Thommy H:

Just to clear up any confusion: there are two different things called the Black Dwarf. One is an old figure and one is a special character for a scenario published in White Dwarf 200.

See [[The Black Dwarf]].


looks a bit like a long drong slayer pirate.

not that much,. but just a bit.

the black dwarf:

i have one i want to get rid of along with a tenderiser,whirlwind and a couple of crossbow chaos dwarfs will swap for big hats


I have ammended the rules a bit (here). For simplicity sake I will try and give the existing rules here incase anyone wants to have a go at updating him.

2 separate battles required, the Black Dwarf in one and the anvil in another (so you can see why I’ve changed the rules).

In one battle the Anvil is conveniently near to an open pit of lava (about 2"), and the dwarf player has to get someone inside the mountain to lift it up and drop it in.

Black Dwarf is a sorcerer lord (and army general) with:

Chaos Tomb Blade

Wand of Jet

Power Scroll

Warpstone Charm

He cannot be killed (only when the anvil is destroyed).

He costs 493 pts.

There are a load of other rules specific to the scenario, it’s quite a complicated one to explain.


Thank you Grim :slight_smile: Could you put here all scenario?