[Archive] Looking for Chaos dwarfs with great weapons


I was in a bidding war on E-bay for 6 of these guys but apparently they were worth a lot to the higher bidder!

Well at least in the end he now has to pay 92 Dollars for them!:stuck_out_tongue:

These are the models:

I kinda forgot they existed as they are hardly shown anywhere, but I remember I used to have some of them…

If anybody has any I am willing to pay well (or trade) for them as I really need them! I want to base my Immortals on them, that’s why…

Also, if anyone has a good pic of them please send it to me as the one above is not very clear. I believe there were 4 different ones but I’m not very sure.

Okay, I hope someone can help me out here!:cheers



How many of these are you after?


They are recasts:



Want these myself, but the prices for these are going sky high - even for the recasts (see cornixt link).

But I have these two pictures of the real ones (not mine). Don’t know where I got them from - but probably from someone here or from eBay.

Do understand why you want these, as they are the best Big Hats ever made - together with the Hero with axe 1 (of cource) :slight_smile:


I’ll copy what I’ve replied to on Hand of hashut:

Hmmm, Strange!

The ones you show I don’t recognize, but the ones shown in the top pic I know I had them and I definitly bought them from GW!

So could there have been four different ones?

Even if they are re-casts, I would like them along with the originals!:cheers

Thommy H:

The ones at the top are the same models with different hats. Possibly, since they’re recasts, they were cast from converted pieces?


They are definatly Recasts.


Damn, talk about threadomancy!?

I’m not really a fan of most of the big hat models, but those have some character for regular troops.

Time of Madness:

Poor Gil must have had a bit to drink tonight :slight_smile: The thread is only 5 years old.

Time of Madness


Holy Crap what have i DONE! Damn you google!