[Archive] Looking for Chaos Dwarves

Glimpse the Void:

::Taking  A break from acquisitions for now. Hobby budget is tapped out::

10-20x Black Orcs

20-60x Night Goblins (spears only please)

snotlings (cute little rabble…)

Unpainted Chaos Hounds (will be converted into the coolest wolf riders ever…)

3-4 Dwarf, empire, or BFSP artillery wheels and chassis (unpainted please, preferably unassembled)

2x Bolt throwers

Defiler battle Cannon bits (converting death rockets)

Defiler legs

2x Hell Cannons

LOTR Balrauch Model (To make a Lamassu or Great Taurus)


I have a BFSP complete Dwarf sprue, that any use to you?

Glimpse the Void:

Highly my friend. I am interested in the thunderers and mayhaps the cannon. How many thunderers do you have, and what is there condition?


just got the sprue tbh, they come as 20 thunders, 20 warriors 8 miners, a captain and a slayer and the cannon and crew.


I think I may have some new (maybe on sprue, I can’t remember) BFSP Dwarves in my collection. I will have a look for you later this evening, and I will let you know what I find.

Glimpse the Void:

Thanks to everybody who scrounged up models for me, I found a really huge deal and have all the thunderers I need. At the moment, my hobby budget is tapped out so I won’t be looking for models for a bit. I’ll be sure to update when I’m in the market again, which I hope wont be more than a few weeks.