[Archive] Looking for 'Grudge Bearer' Novel


Hi there,

Does anyone out there have a copy of ‘Grudgebearer’ they’d be willing to part with?

It appears to be ‘Out of Stock’ everywhere, and I’d really like to read it, because it features Chaos Dwarfs.

I’ve read some previous novels written by Gav Thorpe (and wasn;t particularily impressed) but I’d be interested in seeing if he’s improved and the vision he has for the Chaos Dwarfs.

Anyone? Anyone?


amazon.com may be your best bet. Last copy I saw on there was ~$15 plus shipping. You’ll pay far higher on eBay.


Check around at Chapters and Indigos, Zobo, you’ll be surprised what they have. I seem to remember getting my copy from a Chapters and at the time I wasn’t even looking. I presume you’ve done inventory checks for stores near you, wherever you are in the GWN?


Yes, pretty much looked everywhere I can - I stopped by the Coles in the town I live in this morning, and went to a nearby town which is a bit larger and has a Chapters - no luck there, either. Sort of stunned at what they want for them on ebay. Oh well - maybe it will get re-released as an ebook when Black library starts rolling out the ebooks in October… http://www.blacklibrary.com/Digital

I suppose I’ll continue checking…


Amazon.com is your best bet if you want it, really. You can get a used copy for $8 + shipping. Not bad.

Within Canada, you’re going to be paying $20+shipping at least for a used copy. I’d say cut your losses and order used from Amazon. At least you’ll get it in a timely fashion.


didnt realise this was sought after.

I got one recently for £3 at a local bookstore.

just had a look on ebay:


blinking flip!!!

Pyro Stick:

What the hell is with these prices!: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/1844161978/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&qid=1284117335&sr=8-1&condition=new

Im going to have to check the local bookstores if its this valuable.


ok Pyro beats my link.

Amazon has some truely crazy prices.

Y’know its a pretty thin book, not particularly good either. The bit at the end with the chaos dwarfs is good as it actually talks about immortals and stuff but its only a small part of a small book.