[Archive] Looking for painted versions of AoW Dwarf Iron Shields

Bad Gram Northern:


I am starting a Chaos dwarf army and I’ve been looking for some models to be used. Right now I’m contemplating using Avatars of War Dwarf Iron Shields. I think with the right paintjob they can be made to look suitably chaosy. However I can’t find any pics of painted iron shields. So my question is: can anyone guide me onto some pics?

360° video here


Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’d try Bugman’s Brewery - they have loads of pics there and vanilla dwarves all have metal shields.


There’s a couple of pictures on Warseer in the AoW section of their forums.

Bad Gram Northern:

Thanks! I didn’t think to look there before!

on a side note: what do you think about using these for chaos dwarfs? are they appropriate in your opinions?


I think it could be interesting to use these guys as chaos dwarfs, although they obviously have a different aesthetic compared to the classic big-hats, Forge World or Titan Wargames’ dwarfs.

A while ago there was someone here who was working on a Duergar army. I always thought it was an interesting project and you might like it too for inspiration. What he basically did was turn “good” dwarfs (with their norse theme etc) into evil versions using minimal conversions. He used some AoW characters for this. You could probably apply the same tactic to the new AoW kits.

He didn’t get too far with his project though, and I remember seeing him trying to sell the whole lot about a month or two ago on Warseer.

Finally, I think the AoW dwarfs match the FW dwarfs in proportions, but not in style. Maybe you can use that to your advantage by using either one as a special unit or such. Also, there should be even-more-elite AoW dwarfs coming “soon”. I can’t remember what they’re called, but if I recall correctly they wield hand-weapon and shield and wear even more armour than the Ironshields.

Edit: Oh, here’s the blog I mentioned: clicky!

Kera foehunter:

here is the warseer link…


Bad Gram Northern:

Thanks for the link JMR, it’s an interesting thread indeed. to bad the guy never got around to painting his dwarfs.

the AoW dwarfs look feasible with the right paintjob. now I’m just torn between style choices. the main thing holding me back on titan wargames dwarfs is the lack of variety in poses.

perhaps I’ll wait for those AoW elites


I am a real big fan of AoW dwarfs but am waiting still for the release of their elite warriors. On their original kickstarter they had some listing in the effect of “elite heavily armored dwarfs” as being the top of their fighter/warrior tier in addition to what they have already released. So I’m holding out for those once they come out to use my credit for my “50 Dwarf Models Strong Army” contribution.

Still I’m itching to get my hands on their stuff!