[Archive] Looking for random assortment


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a random assortment of miniatures - a handful of skeletons, a handful of night goblins, a handful of orcs, some zombies, a couple character models - maybe a wizard and a necromancer, etc…

I’m trying to get my kids to stop playing xbox games all the time, and start playing tabletop games with their old man. They have shown interest, but I have a very limited selection of miniatures, after giving away/selling/offloading a bunch of them. And, saying ‘This dwarf attacks this dwarf!’ Wouldn’t hold their attention for long, I don’t think.

Anyone need to clear out some space in the blitz box? Let me know!




The Reaper Bones line are a cheap way to fill in any gaps you don’t get from here. I filled out my homebrew HeroQuest with them, a bit cheaper than buying one of the modern dungeon crawlers.


Yeah, I’ve picked up a few bones miniatures - and I finally got around to painting my reaper bones ‘troll’ today, after it had sat on the shelf for about two years. I think I might do that - it’s a good idea.

Have you heard of ‘Wargames Factory’? There is a store nearby which is selling boxes of skeletons for $22