[Archive] Looking for slann priest and squats


I’m looking for this slann priest=

I’m also on the hunt for squats, any really, they look fun :slight_smile:

I have this lot for trade=

Brand new Gamesday 2007 orc in blister

Confrentation beastmen/chaos dwarfs

Plastic troll cavemen things (???)

Confrentation orc brutes

Confrentation dwarf berserker character

GW imperial guard weapons manual and field manual (scuffed covers)

15 weapons gnoblars

I’m also selling the above minis so if you want something and just want to trade for something interesting please feel free to PM me :smiley:


I think its easier to find the FW GD Slann Mage Priest on eBay. There’s usually a few up for sale. That’s how I got mine. Chances are the only people who’d want to trade the priest are the ones that want to sell it. If they are Lizardmen players I don’t they’d want to part with them, IMO.


The only ones I could find on eBay were really expensive though, some were £50+ I really don’t think the minis worth that much, that and I have only 48p to my name.


I have one, also have a palanquin for it. Looking for cash or forgeworld chaos dwarves.