[Archive] Looking for Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos

The Gib:

Looking to get the Forgeworld Throne of Chaos book. Just seeing if anyone has one for sale or knows of a place to get one in the states that would be cheaper than Forgeworld.

Da Crusha:

I was fortunate enough to get one from a gw store. you could try that.

Hashut’s Blessing:

GW stores should stock one copy and can order one in for you. You can also get it with free postage online.


I was looking for a while. I ended up buying mine at barter town for about $5 of FW prices, shipping included. So,I guess I saved a decent amount but I waited for months before I snagged it.

Good luck.


There’s one here that’s going quite cheap for the moment.





It is on scribd -


If you google tamurkhan the throne of chaos it is your second option to click on - it is that available to read.