[Archive] looking for the topic with the prices of classic models



I’m looking for the topic that had all the different classic models listed and about what they were worth.

is it still up?

I’m going to part with a few unpainted classics and I want to ask a fair price…




Huh. I just went through 40 pages of posts, searched by ‘price’. No luck finding it, sorry!


Ha, cheers, I kinda found what i was looking for on another forum. so that’ll have to do.


Ooh… can you pm me a link please?

Pyro Stick:

Do you mean the going rates thread?: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4200&page=last

I dont know how accurate it is now. I stopped using it because i think it was only contributing to the price rises of all the models.


Well from my current ebay trawling experience I would say they vary around the following (big hats):

Axemen (metal) £4-6 each

Blunderbusses £4.50-6.50 each

Command £15-25 for a full set

Hobgoblins £4-7 each

Hobgoblin Command £4-12 each

Bull Centaurs £7.50-15 each

Earthshakers £20-30

Sorcerers/Lords £10-20

Deathrockets £15-20

The bigger the lot, the lower the prices per model in general. These are based on auctions NOT buy it now prices which are heavily inflated

An easy way to find the current prices is to search ebay with sold listings selected and take a few averages.


Best advice I can give is to watch a few auctions to get a feel of what the prices are. This will also help establish what you’re willing to pay for any given model(s).

Good Luck.