[Archive] Looking for WARMASTER - Have lots

Time of Madness:

Currently I’m on a quest to fill out my Warmaster collection. Willing to look at just about anything Warmaster. I have the following for trade/sale.


***All current hardbacks unless otherwise stated

- Khaine PIC

- Tomb King Army Book PIC

- Vampire Army Book PIC

- Lizardmen Army Book PIC

- Skaven Army Book PIC


- Beastmen Magic Cards PIC

- Wood Elf Magic Cards PIC

- Warriors of Chaos Magic Cards PIC

- Deamons Magic Cards PIC

- Dark Elf Magic Cards PIC

- Lizardmen Magic Cards PIC


- 5 Wild Riders (or sisters) again bad pic PIC

- Lizardmen lot of oop skinks PIC

- Pirate Captain of Sartosa PIC

- Dark Forest resin bases (enough for a 2400pt army) PIC

- Thunder mountain resin bases (enough for a 2400pt army) PIC


- 2 boxes of Citadel woods

- Sceanry painting kit


- 2 boxes of Planetary Empire (NIB)

- 1 Hive City Tile for Planetary empire

- Eldar Support Weapon box (in box but open)

- Black Templars box set (metal, open but in box)

- Thunderfire Cannon (metal, open but in box)

- Terminator Squad bits (decals, bits and bases only)

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