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So we pretty much know FW will be releasing at least a few fantasy models in the coming year from their new division.

Just wondering what people think would be a good time for them to announce this during the year?

July we have the rulebook, then september is games day and the boxed set.  So would this be a time for them to release something as a ‘summer of warhammer’ sort of thing?

Or would it be more likely they will start selling things before 8th?

No guarantees that CD will actually get priority, or even come soon, but this division has to start selling eventually and they have been quoted many times as saying CD are a priority.

Kera foehunter:

Well if forge world would get some concept drawing, it would help get people wanting to buy cd

I think they are going to put off it as long as they can !! but i think it going to be a rush job and not very much nice ! i think they be more dwarf like

i’m looking for around December


I’m almost expecting a lot of the CD releases (I have no idea how many there would be) to be almost DoW units, usable by several armies.

Kera foehunter:

I think that would be a cool !! dow or ror Chaos dwarfs

but sad that would kill the cd army

Border Reiver:

I don’t think that would kill us, but it would push us further towards the fringes where the tyrannids can get us like they did the squats…

Sorry for the negative waves, I’m just not that hopeful anymore.  Of course, I also expect that if our beloved army was redone this forum would break into polar camps of “I love it - best thing ever.” and “I hate it - biggest mistake in the history of GW.”


A good time would be around the release of 8th when interest in Fantasy is high.

Whether they actually will or not is another story.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi guys and girls!

I’ve been out of the loop for a while and I’m just wondering … is FW going to release these models and the rule book under GW’s banner or are these just their own things and GW is still “Thinking” about CD’s?


We don’t know yet sadly.

Whether you want it to be FW or GW studio depends really on the price and plastics I think.  I asked around and it seems FW are much better at releasing experimental rules and updating errata, their books are generally very good (but generally some things can be overpriced, as opposed to underpriced with GW studio).

Price…  It will be more expensive, no doubt about that, but we’re not talking thousands here.  For me personally it will just take longer to save up.

The potential for plastic models is the only reason I’m bothered about GW studio doing it.  Resin is harder to work with than plastic, and there wouldn’t be any/ many optional bits.

In the long run FW would be more likely to bring models out quicker imo, rather than waiting for a wave release every 2 years.

When the book comes out (whatever role the CD have), it will be make or brake time for me.  If the rules aren’t great I will probably revert to only being a collector and not a gamer.  I don’t play much these days anyway.  So the rules don’t really matter as much  to me.