[Archive] Looking to buy 6th Ed. Dwarf Bodies (circa 2000)


I am looking to buy the 6th edition Dwarfs in plastic

They come as leg piece, torso piece, head piece with beard, and 2 arms.

Does anyone have some of those old bodies?  

I am most interested in the torso and legs, but would be happy to purchase the models in their entirety.

I am less interested in glued together models, and almost to the point of being not interested if they were put together with plastic bonding.

Should you know of a resource that sells these old Dwarfs, I will tip you in slaves or some other social commodity.

I do have Paypal.  I am in the United States, but have family & friends in England.

If money doesn’t interest you, to trade I have:

10 plastic Chaos Dwarfs, out of packaging, unglued, unpainted

2 boxes of previous edition Warriors of Chaos

2 boxes of previous edition Warriors of Chaos Halberdiers

3 Old Metal Dragon Ogres NIB

1 Old Metal Chariot NIB

A few Chaos Beastmen metal heroes and chariot

(I have lots of old crap, PM me, I am not home right now)

PM me for more details or to start a conversation.

Kera foehunter:

how many do you want I have 15 full dwarfs  not put together  also have pipe and a couple of ale mugs axes and cross bows

your talking about this addition legs ect


I am talking about that edition.

I do want them!

(You have been PM’d)

Kera foehunter:

he a pick of them if the pm doesn’t go threw

i lied there 18 …my bad math