[Archive] looking to sell old models. *edit*


I am still going to ask my GF to marry me, but I just found out today that the restaurant that I am one of the managers in is closing for good on the 12th. kind of surprised kind of saw it coming. either way I’m now looking to downsize for more short term reasons as opposed to my life time previous reason. even if your not looking for any of this stuff, but you may know someone IRL that might just pass it along is all I ask.

not quite at the point of having to sell my CD’s yet but if I can’t find a new job I’ll post them as well.

everything on here is from 3rd edition up to 7th (8th maybe) of warhammer and 40k is 4-5th edition.


1 Anvil of Doom NiB
1 Anvil of Doom with guards only              
3 cannons (2 BFSP)
1 organ gun
1 dwarf stone thrower NIB
4 bolt throwers (one missing bow bar)              
1 old school thunder champ duel pistols
1 warrior standard            
hammer command (no champ)
32 warriors (BFSP) 2x commands
24 Miners (BFSP) 2x commands
26 Thunders (BFSP) 2x commands
30 warriors (4-5th edition)              
4 OOP Dwarf thunders NIB
12 Bugmans Rangers box included one ranger missing

8 Knights NIB
20 Empire State Troops NIB
20 Empire Milita NIB
32 Empire hand gunners still on spruce
36 Empire Spears still on spruce            
2 Empire hero’s still on spruce              
2 Empire Cannons still on spruce            
1 Empire Hellblaster (no crew)
8 Empire Great Sword NIB              
2 Empire Wizards 1 horse 1 foot NIB

Lizard Men
40 Sauras warriors *on off spruce                        
64 Skinks still on spruce some off spruce

Dark Elves
10 Witch Elves

High Elves
1 maiden guard standard
9 sea guard (with command)              
13 sword masters (with command)
1 repeater bolt
2 mage (1 hero 1 hero on horse)
1 Teclis            
27 archers (with command)              
25 spearmen (with command)
1 ellyrian command NiB              

50 archers still on spruce some off spruce
24 Knights of the Realm *on off spruce            

Orcs and Goblins                          
20 Goblin spider riders (BFSP) on off spruce
32 Orc Archers still on spruce
34 Orc Warriors still on spruce 1 off spruce
1 Orc Warboss on Boar still on spruce
2 Orc chariots still on spruce

1 40k hardcover rule book still in shirk wrap. last edition
2 40k ruined buildings NIB

40K Space Marines  
1 Predator NIB
1 Land Raider NIB
1 Azrel Dark Angles Grand Commander NIB
1 Azmodan Dark Angles Chaplin NIB

40k Eldar              
1 Eldar Heavy Weapon Platform NIB              
1 Eldar Avatar NIB
6 Dark Reapers NIB
8 Howling Banishes NIB              
2 Howling Banishes Exarchs NIB included with banishes

40K Ork
1 warboss
5 Nobs
ork dread              
1 oop war buggie              

also a almost finished NG army details on requests

pretty much looking for cash. all offers taken.

I may even sell some of my Big Hats. i’ll get back to you on that one.

Kera foehunter:

how are you planing on selling them …
  by group or singles

interested in big hats

Time of Madness:

how are you planing on selling them ..
  by group or singles

interested in big hats

Kera foehunter
Distract Kera with the shiny ring so I can get some big hats :)
Time of Madness


selling them anyway anyone wants. large lots or single items. I would like to see what happends with the collection I’ve placed on here before I break out anything else.

i’ll have to go through my CD’s and figure out what I would sell. collecting them since 95, so its hard to part with any of them, and I’m sure she wouldn’t want me to sell all my CD’s even for her ring.