[Archive] Looks like another Ass Cannon is up on ebay



chaos siege cannon | eBay


Good find but i am sure it wont stay at that price for long


With no crew or cannon balls I’m thinking $250 US.


Hmm I so do love those cannons…

And I so do not have the money for one x’D

BTW willmark, it is missing the commander, it has the 2 mortarcrewmen.

Happy bidding if someone is going for it!


Hmmmm all I saw was the cannon on eBay mobile. So up my guess to $350.

the black dwarf:

i want it ,last one went for 650quid


I’m sorry to be harsh but this guy is an idiot: he is going to sell a pice worth >300 quids and does not take the time to take a decent picture?

Said this he is the one that is going to get >300 quids, not me… maybe i’m the idiot :wink:


price has jumped up its now £100


I would never pay £100+ for that. yes ist a brilliant model but that is just insane.

Pyro Stick:

Thats crazy that its still only £67. Looks like he should have taken better pics. It will definately shoot up in the last few minutes, at least to £100.

Kera foehunter:

well with the great talent here !! i wounder why no one made one yet !!

This is too high priced for me


Ended at $256.05 (thats like £160). A rather expected price, when it comes without the cannons ball. Don’t think crew effect the price that much. Dourgrim and the mortar crews are easily found in other auctions.

So who is the lucky winner? Anyone from here?