[Archive] Looks like CDs aren't the only "extincts" coming back [Zoats and Fimir!]


To cut it short - Zoats and Fimir have just been confirmed as being usable (with new models!) in the SoM campaign! They’re fieldable “allies” so to speak after casting a spell of binding (after capturing one of the Fulcrums of Power)

I’m very, very happy about this as I’ve always loved the Zoats and their ability to put a Dragon Ogres stats to shame. Definitely putting a pre-order for SoM in now :smiley:

I don’t think this specific bit of the SoC has been mentioned yet and I’d love for this page to become a home for the new pictures of them.


Source: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=cat640007a&pIndex=8&aId=17000009a&multiPageMode=true&start=9


Wow, really? Neat! the only Fimir I’ve seen have been in Mr Saturday’s blog.

I thought Zoats were 40K only, though… but I could be wrong. They are listed in the WH40K: rogue trader book (p202) as "…the most common of all the Tyranid’s many specially engineered slave races."

When did they show up in Warhammer Fantasy?


I’ce only gathered this from their mention on a leaked page on warseer earlier this morning but I think Zoats used to be swamp-beast sort of things. I have one from quit I while back - hefty little blighter :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for more news from Warseer but they’re definitely meant to be summonable through a fulcrum. Sorry that’s not much help.



Could it be an ‘Albion’ Fen Beast?



@Zobo - nah, they look like Bull centaurs but with kroxigor bodies with a turtles head, for lack of better description :slight_smile:

Although apparently the Fen Beasts are meant to be re-released also


@Necrotique: So, this guy: Zoats - C29 - CcmWiki

I was thinking of this for a zoat:


I didn’t realize Zoats ever crossed over to Warhammer fantasy


I think Zoats were in the 3rd Edition Rulebook, back in the day when I first started, (not that I have been playing all that time until now). I will go and find my old rulebook, and army book (one volume for all armies) and see what is there.

Don’t go anywhere. I will be right back.

Ok, I am back:

1. Found my books (where they should have on the shelf - that was easy)

2. Found some information on the Zoats in Warhammer Fantasy.

3. Took photos (bad quality) with my phone.

4. Uploaded them as proof, for Zoat existance.

5. Linked to them from here.

See below…

In this book…

was this information about Zoats.

An in this book…

was this information about Zoats.

The photos were deliberately reduced, so as nothing is legible, and hopefully no copyright laws have been broken.


Cheers for the uploads G.2. I’ll check my books as well to read the fine print :slight_smile:

I’d just wish they’d have let me know this a while back before I went chasing after Zoats on eBay



Cheers for the uploads G.2.

Your very welcome. It made me feel good, as it proved it might be worthwhile holding onto this old stuff.


Wait - I read a thread on Warseer where Harry suggested them as possible (as part of his random list of creatures that have ever existed in Warhammer, and therefore possible) but not as actually confirmed. Could this be a case of someone misreading those posts?

Thommy H:

Nope. Both were mentioned on the GW site.


I linked to the source in the first post. :slight_smile:



Fimir and Zoats, returning to GW lore? It seems my task as Champion of Forgotten Things may be drawing to a close. :slight_smile:


This is all good news , i have a copy of that old rule 3rd edition rule book i will have to dig it out and have a read when i get home :slight_smile:


If I’m not mistaken, a Zoat was a centaurlike reptile which lived in the deep forests of the warhammer world. They were druidic by nature, and Slann feared them.


These are good news! Storm of Magic really seem like a good expansion to Warhammer now. It’ll be fun to se how GW reintegrate the Fimir and Zoats into the world, and especially the space lizards.

Also, it’ll be interesting to see if the rules are accompanied by some drawings or paintings. I don’t think they’ll be re-releasing Zoats, but who know? I only hope that they don’t come with 40k weaponry.