[Archive] looks out sir vs big spells

richard barby:

assumeing you have enough rankers to let you have the save normally

and you get hit by the following do you get look out sir.

pit of shades

dwellers below

final trasformation

Da Crusha:

yes to the pit of shades. no to the others but I am not 100% certain (just 95%). this is from the FAQ.

Q: Does the �?~Look Out Sir�?T special rule apply against all spells that
use templates? (p93)
A: Yes.

richard barby:

makes dwellers and final transformation deadly

thanks for the update


makes dwellers and final transformation  deadly

thanks for the update

richard barby

I can lend the remaining 5% certainty to Da Crusha.
Only spells who have a template or works like one, say the bounce of a cannon ball (I'm thinking Pendulum at least) will give a LOS.

The spells which affect all models in a unit will do so. Final Transmutation only works on (most) characters on a 6 though (as they have more than 1 wound usually).