[Archive] Lord_Archaon's various models blog

Lord Archaon:

Hello everyone!

I decided to start this blog to post my models from my Space Marine, Vampire and Orcs armies. I’m painting vampires at the moment, so expect a loads of ghouls posted here in the nearest future. :wink:

First of all i want to show my very first attempt at NMM:

My Desert Ravens Captain (aka The Chapter Master)

My Dire Wolves


and my Female Vampiress

C&C are as always welcomed

:hat off

Kera foehunter:

Great painting !! the dire wolf look great

Desert Ravens Captain is great too but i like the goth chick the best because the red and blue is my army colors

Lord Archaon:

Thanks Kera! :slight_smile: I tried to make a “beautiful” vampiress, like witches in Stardust.