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Da Crusha:

does anybody like to use obsidian blade, armour of ghazrak on there lord choice instead of the typical armour of the furnace and hammer of hashut? Im thinking its not too bad of an alternative, it might even be prefered against empire, brettonia, dwarfs, WoC… or any armies heavy cav… I myself have never used it but its feeling more and more tempting


I agree its S4 with no save versus S6 with a minus 3 save (and there are a lot of guys out there with a 2+ armoursave). But my Taurus isnt finish so I havent tried it yet.


With such a limited range of magic items is always nice to try to use all of them.

Armor of furnace plus hammer provides you a good punch (and a treemen killing machine) with a pretty good protection. Remember you do not only have a 3+ (with shield) armor save, not only a 5+ save but also immunity to fire. Combined with the taurus grant you with useless dwarf fire bolt throwers and fire cannon balls. There is nothing more funny to see a dwarf player frustrated to not being able to shoot at you!

Armor of Gaz is pretty cool, and obsidian blade is worth trying… sure! Let us know how they work for you. :slight_smile:


I think the hammer is much better S6 is good vs armour but also better to wound. Still a BC lord with obsidian blade could be good against a VoC army

5x S5 with no save.

Another combo you could try on a BC lord is: Gauntlet + Sword of Striking

+1S +1 to hit = 5x S6 attacks that hit on 2 or 3+

Uzkul Werit:

Armour of Gazrakh and the Hammer are the winning combo for me. Tough, durable and carrying alot of pain too.

Da Crusha:

Armour of Gazrakh and the Hammer are the winning combo for me. Tough, durable and carrying alot of pain too.

Uzkul Werit
that's interesting, do you spend the last 25 points of magic points allowance? I guess a talisman of protection or the gauntlets of bazrakh the cruel are the only other things you can have him carry.

Alan the evil:

Usually i do so:

IF lord is on GT I prefear armour of fornace, shield and great hammer because there are a lots of things that don’t allow AS and AoF gives him a TS (and immunity to fire is something that you must not underrate). Because of the absolute need of the AoF i like to have a shield, so the only good weapon to increase strenght is the hammer (no gaunthlets that could help to kill the GT!!).

IF lord is on foot (obviously in a great block of warriors) armor of gazrakh is pretty much better. Remaining 70 points are something to talking about…

there are some options IMHO

1- great hammer: it works alone. Great magic weapon. It allows also to bear the talisman, but only if we have some free points AFTER the building of a performing army…

2- gaunthlets: I don’t like to use them with sword of might beacuse they give us the same strenght of great hammer with a higher cost and the risk to kill some of our models… I’d like to think that ghauntlets are good with a

   2a - simple GW (S7!!) and talisman (like above)

   2b - sword of striking: we gonna have almost always 2+ to hit and magic S5.

Hope to be helpfull

Uzkul Werit:

To the best of my memory as I haven’t used the Ravening Hordes list in a while, I don’t think I did use the Gauntlets on the Lord. S6 was normally enough and most of the time, he’d end up battering his own mates.