[Archive] Lord of Death/Hashut and Ld combos


Ben Curry of the Bad Dice podcast just posted his thoughts and a couple of combos regarding Lore of Death and Ld combos and I was thinking this is something Chaos Dwarfs could do just as well as WoC.

Lore of Death (Doom and Darkness and Spirit Leach) or Lore of Hashut (the -1 Ld spell) on our Lvl 4 + Hellcannon.

Wasn’t there an ETC-list that used that combo to great effect?

Time of Madness:

I’m pretty sure it was ben curry’s etc list that used that combo.

Time of Madness

Da Crusha:

chaos dwarfs are very good at taking advantage of leadership inadequacies. I have made a list of many things that we can use to take full advantage of it.

Lore of death -doom and darkness…-3 Ld
Lore of Hashut - dark subjugation…-1 Ld
Lore of Fire - Burning Head…panic test
Lore of Hashut - Hell Hammer…panic test
Hellcannon (shooting) …panic test -1Ld
Hellcannon…terror test
Deathshrieker infernal incendiaries ammunition… panic test
destroyer…terror test
siege giant …terror test
Helm of Discord…pass LD test or cannot attack
terrifying mask of EEE!..terror test

Im sure there are even more to add to the list.

the biggest problem with building a list around this is the leadership bomb is ineffective against some armies (VCs, TKs, deamons, slaanesh warriors).

another direction we can take chaos dwarfs in is taking advantage of flaming attacks.

Lore of Hashut - ashstorm… makes things flammable
Lore of Hashut - killing fire lore attribute… slightly more powerful spells against flammable targets

things that have flammable attacks:

Banner of eternal flames
k’daii destroyer/fireborn
magma cannon
deathshrieker infernal incendiaries
Lore of Fire
Lore of Metal
Lore of Hashut - Burning wrath
Lore of Hashut - curse of hashut
Lore of Hashut - flames of azgorh
black hammer of Hashut (not flaming attack but more effective against flammable targets)
taurus and Lore fire (good synergy)

these things work really great together against any multi wound models but have no extra effect against single wound models and can be very ineffective against the following:

dragon princes
High elf dragon sorcerers
Dragon Helm
Dragon bane gem
K’daai destroyer/ fireborn
Taurus (immune to lore of fire)

I find that a combination of the 2 general directions works best when making a chaos dwarf list.