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So I didn´t saw a single List with a Lord on a Taurus in it.A couple of lists wich included the Lammasu but I think its not a very good choice because of the higher risk of miscats.

Am I right that our only Lord is a socerer only?Or are the magic items and the profile good enough to make him a tough warrior on a very tough monster?

Or is it because our new list isn´t the fastest and so a fast char without fast supoort troops?Well the Destroyer is fast and hard.The BC´s are fast and just tough not very hard hitting.

Your thoughts on a Taurus?


In my last 2000pt game I had a Lv3 Sorcerer-Prophet on GT. We have two Lord choices, actually - a Sorcerer-Prophet and Drazhoath the Ashen, Prophet of Hashut (also a sorcerer).

The increased mobility of the General is a help, as is the increased profile, however, if you’re running all Chaos Dwarfs and warmachines your units are going to be Ld 9 anyway, so the 18" range for inspiring presence of the General on a GT maybe doesn’t matter so much.

Personally, I wanted the GT for the increased profile - greater movement, more attacks and Blazing Body also gives an immediate effect in close combat. Sure miscasts mean that you’ve got two important things under the template if you roll such a result on the miscast table. I’ve been taking the Black Hammer of Hashut on the rider and doing my best to try to make enemies Flammable (Ash Storm from Lore of Hashut) - the significant improved mobility of the General on a GT ensures he’s got the best chance of getting into combat with a unit as soon as it becomes flammable. A model on foot with the Black Hammer had better hope his target is close at hand. If you really want to rely on this in high points games I suggest trying to take two Lords with the Lore of Hashut. Two Sorcerer Prophets with the Lore fo Hashut, one of which is on a Great Taurus and has the Black Hammer already requires you to have an army 2800pts, and at that rate you might have better options and strategies to consider. If you do go for the flammable strategy I suggest the Banner of Eternal flame for one of your units, either some Fireglaives or Infernal Guard with Great Weapons to maximize their efficiency against flammable targets.

Just my two cents. There are far more experienced and savvy Chaos Dwarf Generals on here so it would be good for them to weigh in on this one!



Main issue is cost. I can barely afford a Prophet on foot…


Thanks for your points.

I converted a very very nice model for my taurus (28mm/30mm Moscal General on War Bull 28MA0029) and now i cant use him in normal games.


I’ve always found with cases such as this, that I always end up with one sub-par unit in my army that I call my guilty pleasure. It’s generally something fairly expensive {Elector Count on griffin, Sorceror Prophet on Lamassu, the Jabberslythe} that I absolutely adore due to either fluff, or model choice. As long as you realize that the points could probably be better spent elsewhere, and try to make it up by making the rest of the list as competitive as possible, you shouldn’t feel too much of a hit in games.

Of course, if your group is more casual, then take the Taurus and whatever else you want.


i love my taurus and i’m really glad LoA enables me to field it again under 3500 points ( that said my group rarely plays under 3500).

everywhere on the boards, you will always encounter the ‘common knowledge’ of which units to use and which to stay away of (‘good heavens you’re fielding wardancers? you are so going to lose!’), but in my opinion, warhammer isn’t about taking the (on paper) most efficient units, but rather the ones you like and finding a way to make them work ( it’s just that you’ll sometimes might find out they’ll work differently than you had expected).


I think it can be a good choice :

Disadvantages :

cannon… Templates.


Nothing else, I find it good if you don’t play against cannons…

Advantages :

18 inches LD 10

The taurus is great with blazing body rule (and S3 unable to wound it in RAW).

It makes the lord independant : we can play without infernal guards, or very few (for the BSB), and reduce the effect "all the eggs in one unit"

Thus, I find it very playable. The lord himself isn’t a tough warrior, but can be a nice “tanker”, with charmed shield and 4+ ward save, enough to stay alive the time to throw the GT in close combat.

With a list made around the GT, you can think about level 2 daemonsmith, and hoping to get the sword of Rhuin, in order to get back wounds on it, and makes it far better (auto wound against T3 models…)

My two cents