[Archive] Lord Tremendous Sets Nagash on Fire Must See

Wolf :


You have to watch this battle report, it’s about 14 minutes in and a professionally painted Nagash model set of fire.

#165 Tremendous Battle Reports Tomb Kings v Dark Elves - YouTube

Also near the end of the vid, he makes an example of his poor performing dice, very funny.



Ye gods… I can’t stand destructive waste for nothing, particularly of something someone has invested much effort in. I don’t care for free choice or if he painted the model himself here, it’s just idiotic. :sick

Wolf :

I was in shock, but still pretty funny though.

Did you see the end with the dice, you have to admit that is funny.


Burning dice, on the other hand, is much more understandable. :stuck_out_tongue:


The old chunk of metal Nagash would not have melted that easily - just saying.


It’s “miniaturicide” prosecuted by law? I think so :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuggit Khan:

The old chunk of metal Nagash would not have melted that easily - just saying.

Haha! This was my first thought as well ;)
As for burning the dice...there's an old saying "It's the poor plumber who blames his tools"


I often watch his bat reps, I think they’r good, and the dice burning was funny though I don’t think it will help him much;):wink:

Wolf :

Yeah I always watch his Batreps, lining the dice to watch is worrying understandable.


Eh… Retarded.

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Disgusting. I thought it was more her killed Nagash with a Flames of Azgorh, or a fireball, or something actually cool lol