[Archive] Lord Zanthrax and the Tools of Destruction


Greetings brothers and sisters

This is the start of my new semi regular (crosses fingers) update to my repainted big hats.

I have chosen purple and silver for my theme as I think it works well.  I will be using the big hats I have managed to beg, borrow and steal over the last few years.

Although not based yet, I hope you like them.  The bases will be some chunky rocks with lots of snow to contrast with the deep purple (insert smoke on the water riff here) and silver.

An order has been placed for an Iron Daemon and I have stolen the Iron Monger toy concept for my Kdaai Destroyer.


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looking very nice, the Big Hat Ogre wins me over there and then, and a nice purple is good on the eye:)

How you going to base them?


I really like the big hat ogre unit filler! The hat looks much less silly on him than it does on the dwarves. Actually quite the fashion statement :smiley:

Lava Lord:

Zanthrax, hey there, I like the purple a lot. I have a bunch of big hat to do also, and even before seeing your attractive troops, I was toying with purple also. Instead of silver I was leaning toward gold. Now I,m trying to figure of something destictive to do for Immortals. Any ideas?? I would like to see more as you progress. :cheers


Thanks for the great feedback bros.

Chico- bases will be a rock and full snow- my big hats spend a lot of time up north proving hashut is the only chaos god who matters. See attached pic.

Lava lord- I am toying with the idea of the avatars of war berserkers getting some big hats for use as immortals. No armor but will stand out from the rest of my old school dudes.





Here are some crappy pics but better ones will be posted in a week or so.

Here they are

Lord Zanthrax

Zanvil the bsb

Infernal guard

Hobgoblin khan the deathrider

Hell cannon and crew

Last and not least the kdaai destroyer




Really nice work even if the Destroyer really could show some flames!


Yeah, the purple people eaters!


Purple is the new black! They look awesome! Great to see so many old chaos dwarf minis getting painted up nicely.


New paint scheme announced!

Now that I have your attention I sought the advice of one of my friends who is one of the best painters we have here in Western Australia.

Anyway to cut a long story short he convinced me the silver with the purple was drowning out the colours so suggested a dwarf bronze in place of the silver.

Here is the first repaint which I love so will flow to the rest of my big hats.

I hope you like them too.



the new bronze totally rocks! :wink:


Like it better, but I think, the arrows on the hat could bronze, too.


definitely better. am not sure about having all the details bronze but give it a go and see

Kera foehunter:

Purple hats rules … i like the totally purple primmer guys!!

But the bronze details look better


Here is the first completed repainted unit- old school big hat infernal guard.  I am really happy with how they turned out as the colours no longer wash into each other.

More to come in the next few weeks as study and work wind down for the year.




purple and bronze in the snow…really looks great!

very different to the most armies, i like that :smiley:


Repainted lord Zanthrax

Zanvil the bsb

I hope you like them.




Yes, the details in bronze on the hat are much better. I myself am still thinking about a way to substitute the old flags for new ones, gstuffed or filched from some other set.


Looking very good, but i agree that the paper banners let the very nice paint job down alittle.


Thanks for all the feedback.

I am thinking of stealing one of my wife’s scrap booking ideas for the banners- each has a central image and if I cut the image and glue it to a coulple of mm card it should stand out.  Will try it in the next few weeks.

Anyway here is the first ten of the new repainted blunderbuss who have been spectacular in most games and now seem to attract a lot of attention.


Photo is crap so better ones will come in the next week