[Archive] Lord Zarkov's Warrior Conversions

Lord Zarkov:

To make new dwarf warriors into CDs with little GS skill

1) gather together the back and legs section of a new dwarf warrior, a Chaos Warrior head, and the army you want on the model, and stick the feet to a base.

2) place a small blob of GS where the torso should be and push the chaos warrior head into the top and then the arms into the required position.  Then remove the arms (leaving a moulded hole) and leave to dry

You should have something like this:

3) next get about one foot length of picture wire and slowley pull apart into individual strands (if you do this too fast you end up tangeling it up)

4) wrap each strand twice around a dressmaker’s pin; then compress and remove.  This should give you a tight coil of wire.  Chop this roughly (so as to get slight size varaition) in half and repeat to get a number of beardlettes

5) glue a number of these beardlettes on to the model, just under the head, experiment with different positions to get a good looking beard.

6) finally re-attach the arms

your modes should look something like this:

You get plenty of spare chaos warrior heads in the box set, but alternatively you could just buy the command sprue which come with a large number of heads, including one which is good for champions, and anothe which is good for characters, as well as a banner and a small horn and lost of chaos warrior shields that could be used for BC.

My converted warriors compared with a HC Crew and an Original:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Did you ever try to sculpt the beards rather than using those springs, they look a bit too skinny to me. As if they’re not very full, if you catch my drift. Just my opinion.

I like the idea though, looks nice.

Pyro Stick:

Sculpting them would be easier but using the spring/wire gives a much more realistic look to the dreadlock beard idea. It makes them look more like beard. Maybe if you shaped them a bit more


I think the beards work, but they are too straight. Surely they can be bent a little?

The Helmets actually work now since the scale of the Dwarfs has dropped a lot. Might still be a little too skinny, but nothing extreme.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I agree that the beards look good, but need to be perhaps a little shorter and look a little less hair-gelled. They are too rigid for beards IMO, but otherwise awesome.


They look a bit like the slayer mohawks, just my opinion,


ill bet if he used a bigger pin it would work great.


Talk about threadomancry, this was one of the first threads posted on this forum!


IM INNOCENT I SAY! i simply replied…

points at behemoth

Kera foehunter:

Well i like the beard making idea!!!