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Ammrik Gunrock:

Hello everyone, This weekend I went to the first Arena Montreal Doubles tournament:


It was great fun!  Despite the fact my team got beaten all 5 games :(.  One of the things that makes Arena so special is that they have an award they give that no other tournament I know gives “Best Theme”  Its given to the army whose list matchs a basic story submitted before the Tournament begins and isn’t based around power gaming and optimal lists.  Long story short, I and my Dark Elf Partner won!

Anyway I thought I’d share the background of both our armies to you here.  My background revolves around the Gunrock Clan who are the Lords of Gorgoth and his army, a Dark Elf force revolving around House Seregon.  Hope you all enjoy it!

The following text comes from the diary of Deepok Marbud, Sorcerer of the Gunrock Clan, and Lords of Gorgoth.

Day 27

I would gladly give up my life for Gorgoth and the Gunrock clan. I would perform the most dangerous experiments, face the greatest demons, and march among the slaves alone, unarmed with all of them unchained. But I swear by Hashut, I cannot handle another moment on this accursed boat! The fleet commander told me that I would get used to the swaying…damn his hide! Here I sit in my chamber with my head spinning all to perform a duty of great honor for my Lord Ata’sul…and I find myself wishing he had picked another!

We will be rounding the cape of the Southlands soon. The rest of the Armada will be breaking off to �?odistract�?� the High Elves at the Fortress of Dawn. We should be at our rendezvous a day or so after that.

I swear the damned Druchii had better make this worth our while…dozens of slaves are already dead from this voyage and if it turns out to be fruitless I most certainly will be annoyed, as will the slave masters who will have to go out and fetch another band of these damn Gnoblars to work the boilers of the fleet.

I must have faith in Hashut and the will of my Lord Ata’sul. If this is about what he thinks it is then it will all be worth it in the end.

Day 32

I can see the storm in the distance. The fleet is still doing its job making sure the forces docked at the Fortress of Dawn do not come out to see what we are doing…or who we are meeting.

The Sorcerers should be able to keep the storm going long enough for us to complete our mission. Pity, I was hoping the Fortress would have Elven mages of superior caliber there to combat our Sorcerers. It matters not I suppose, they do not know where we are going or what we are doing and that is enough.

The Battle barges, Fire ships and several Maulers of Gorgoth are all that remain of the fleet now as the rest have remained behind. An impressive sight to be sure to see our Armada out on the high seas…despite the ships swaying that is.

It is good to be out of the hold…the damn stench of greenskin sweat is something I�?Tm used to as I have lived in Gorgoth all of my days. But having their stench surrounding you for over a month as you are locked in a steal coffin with boilers running around the clock is something that will certainly take longer to get used too. Ammrik doesn’t seem bothered by it, but then again I believe he is jealous that Lord Ata’sul granted me the duty of this meeting and not him, so he is stoically taking the affront to his nose and enjoying my discomfort.

Why would he expect otherwise? After all I am Lord Ata’suls most loyal apprentice. It matters not that he is a true blood member of the Gunrocks and I am of a lesser clan. I am gifted with the great power of our Lord Hashut! I am greater then he! Anointed above all save for the Bull Centaurs who watch the great Ziggurat in Zharr Naggrond.

Damn this horrible stench! Damn these waves, and damn the Druchii! This had better be worth our time.

Day 33

The great Black Ark has been spotted by the lookout on one of the Fire ships. I saw its pinnacle on deck little over an hour ago, it must be closer now. I must prepare to meet our hosts.

Ammrik will accompany me, as much as he despises being merely a member of the Honour Guard, it is important to have at least one member of the Gunrock Clan at the meeting. Watching his scowl at one not of the Clan, a Deepok even, being the one given the Honour of this task is an enjoyable bonus to this trip. I have had to deal with his smirks and snide comments about my inability to get my sea legs this whole trip. Now it is time for me to cause him some discomfort.

A host of Warriors from Gorgoth will accompany me led by Ammrik, along with the Khan Flick of the Howlin Wolfs clan. Not so much because he will have any input in the meeting, he is a slave after all, but because it will make those Elves squirm to be so close to greenskin. I certainly hope the smell unnerves them.

I hear the horn sounding now, our fleet is approaching the Black Ark. I must finish my preparation for this meeting.

Day 34

Seems this little venture shall be worth our time after all. I have already communed with my Lord Ata’sul who was sitting by or great High Priest Astrogoth in Zharr Naggrond itself! They have both agreed…it is worth the risk!

The Druchii are assaulting Ulthuan yet again. You would think they would learn their lesson after all their failures in the past… but they go once more and they seek the aid of the Dawi Zharr. As if we would care for their vengeance! Let them kill themselves over so foolish a thing as the kingdom of Ulthuan. If Malekith was not worthy enough to take it the first time how will he hope to succeed the second time…or the third!

Yet they have given us an offer…a very good offer to gain our aid.

I met two elves in particular, Tollomei Seregon, a witch elf and follower of the Lord of Murder Khaine and Kaja-Rang Seregon. Although I did not know much about the Witch Elf, I have a good deal of knowledge about Kaja-Rang.

They call him the Black Dawn, a truly great Corsair from what we know of his raids. Our fleets have fought him twice if the Archives of Gorgoth hold true. He did not shy away from facing our Battle barges or our Fire ships, even our Maulers that have crushed enough petty pirates who sought to harm our trade. No, he does not back down and each time we fought it was a draw…he could not take us…and we could not catch him. Oh he is crafty…interesting that they would send him to the negotiations.

But I wonder from point…Oh such an offer! It was Tollomei that made it to me, after attempting to soften us up with a gift of slaves, Elven slaves as well.  They will be interesting to experiment on. The magic in their blood will make interesting research. My Lord Ata’sul has already granted me one of them to test on out of gratitude for my service! Oh I cannot wait to begin…but I must get my thoughts down now while they are fresh in my mind.

The Hosts of Naggarond, under the command of the Witch King will assault the Shadowlands of the former Nagarythe yet again. The bulk of their forces will move inward and threaten the various Gates guarding the entrances to the other kingdoms. The plan of Malekith, as explained by Tollomei, was to pull as many of the Defenders North as possible. The Forces of the Sea Guard will drain away from Eataine and the bulk of the standing forces of Yvresse, Caledor and Saphery will move north to reinforce Chrace and Averlorn. While this is going on, the slow process of gathering the local militias will begin, but before they can muster we will be upon them.

A contingent from House Seregon, led by Kaja-Rang and his sister will strike at Ar Yvraine in the south of Yvresse. The Defenders will not be expecting an attack by the southern route…especially not one whose troops are being supported by the Dawi Zharr.

The Gunrock Clan will land a contingent on the southern shore and move to lay siege to Lothern and disrupt movement in Yvresse, forcing the defenders to divide their attacks on two fronts.  I have been granted leave by my Lord Ata�?Tsul to command the initial landing force, oh how Ammrik glared when he heard the news!  He may be my rival, but this is a matter of importance to Gorgoth and he will do his best for the preparation.

That is the overall plan. Why are we doing this though? Why are we, who care little for the damned elves, aiding them in their war of vengeance?

I am laughing even as I write! They are giving us Saphery! Saphery!

The land of Magic! The place where the most ancient learning�?Ts of the Winds of Chaos rest. The Elves, with their affinity for life and beauty, no doubt hold secrets of healing we Dawi cannot discover despite our best efforts. The knowledge that rests within Saphery will be hard fought to gain. The Swordmasters guard their charges in the great towers of magic well but we will have their secrets. Even as I write my Lord Ata’sul is mustering a force of Gorgoth to come and join the attack. Oh foolish Druchii…they think us to stay with their plan! Once the forces of Ulthuan are distracted and a minor force of Gorgoth marches on Lothern the true force will move on Saphery itself! And once my Lord Ata’sul has shown the weakling elves of Ulthuan what true magic is like, we will topple the spires of that place, take the secrets of their libraries and leave the Druchii to their war.

Ammrik and I have already discusses some of the details.  We will take two regiments of our clans�?T soldiers from the fleet; a unit of warriors and blunderbusses is all we will spare for the elves.  Let them spill their blood for Ulthuan; we need to save our forces for our real goal.  Meanwhile, we will bulk out our contingent with our slaves to make it seem as if we are truly committing to the cause.  A regiment of wolf riders sent to serve Gorgoth by leave of the Khans will provide effective scouts, while a regiment of their warriors commanded by Flick will march beside us along will a pair of bolt throwers form the lower stores.  Meanwhile some of the more useful Gnoblars from the boiler room will be herded out as fodder.  I believe we can manage two minor regiments and still have enough to man the ships.  Lastly, our most venerable Earthshaker cannon is being moved out of the hold.  It will lay waste to the puny elves and their pitiful defenses!

Those foolish elves think they can manipulate us! We will take their secrets of magic and find a cure for our Curse of Stone…and leave the elves to kill and maim themselves as they like.

Oh it will be glorious indeed!


Great backgound fluff for your army i can now see why you won the “Best Theme” award, you should think about writing some thing for Word of Hashut


That is amazing, you truly deserved to win “Best theme award”. One last thing would you be able to post your allies background it would be interesting to see what his background was.

Ammrik Gunrock:

That is amazing, you truly deserved to win "Best theme award". One last thing would you be able to post your allies background it would be interesting to see what his background was.

You asked, you receive!

The following entries come form the journal of Kaja-Rang Seregon, the Black Dawn. Lord of House Seregon and commander of the Beautiful Midnight.

Year 5207, of the reign of Lord Malekith
Latitude: -30° 20 Min. 10 Sec.
Longitude: 15° 3 Min. 12 Sec.

We are coming up on the southern tip of the Southlands.  We will reach the appointed rendezvous point in about two days and will for our contacts to arrive there.

My sister so far has refused to enlighten me as to the reason we are here.  She does like to toy with me on occasion but if this truly is a mission of such importance that she was dispatched by Lord Malekith himself, I wonder why she insists on keeping who we are meeting a secret.  I will play along for now but I will not tolerate being kept in the dark much longer.

On a personal note, as awesome a sight and as privledged an honor it is to be in command of our houses Black Ark, I must admit that I personally perfer my own raiding vessels to this ship.  This fortress hovers over the waves,  as a result I cannot feel the shifting motion of the sea and know her mood.

I cannot wait to return to my raiding fleet so that I may continue to serve my house.

Two soldiers were late for there watch on the southern tower.  They each have been given twenty lashes for their lack of discipline.  A third soldier was found drunk and was fed to the Baby Sea Dragon that has been following the ship for the last 3 days.  Seems he was well rewarded for his curiosity of our vessel  He is still to young for his skin to be useful for our Corsairs as armour so we did not slay him.

Seas are clear, no difficult waters ahead.  We should make the rendezvous well ahead of schedule.

-Kaja-Rang Seregon,
Commander of the Beautiful Midnight

Year 5207, of the reign of Lord Malekith
Latitude: -30° 20 Min. 10 Sec.
Longitude: 15° 3 Min. 12 Sec.

We are holding position at the rendezvous point two days ahead of schedule.  This morning a sail was sighted on the starboard bow three points off the beam.  I sent out one of our raiding corvettes the Beautiful Midnight under the command of my Reaver Finrod Scalemane and his corsairs.  He is my most experience commander and he did not disappoint.
An hour after noon he returned with a High Elven vessel in tow as well as twenty prisoners.  We had only lost one, Eámanë Oronar.  She was young and impetuous and took an Eagle Claw Bolt threw her chest for her efforts.  Only to be expected from one so rash.  Such enthusiasm to prove ones self needs to be tempered with discipline and experience.  It is hardly worth worrying about; I have no use for Corsairs who boldly break orders to gain a minor amount of glory.  The Elven ship was damaged rounding the cape and taking in water.  It was hardly a ship action that would gain any worthwhile glory over.
My sister heard we had captured High Elves and I was in the process of handing them over to of slave master when she immediately ordered that the slaves were not to be touched and they were to be a gift to our guests.
It was at this point that I lost my patience with her.  She has kept our destination and reason for our voyage a secret long enough and I demanded to know why our house would not get to share the wealth of this capture.
My sister knows she can toy with me up to a point, and she had just crossed the line.  We retired to her chamber and she explained the mission in full detail.
We were to be meeting a flotilla of Dawi Zharr warships sent by orders of their High Priest to discuss an alliance between our people for the upcoming invasion of Ulthuan.
This, I must say surprised me.  I have fought these Chaos Dwarfs before, attacking their Battle barges and almost capturing one before they managed to drive my men back.  They are not pushovers in the slightest, but an alliance with them?  What is worse, an alliance to join us as we wage war on our hated kin?  Such a thing I would not expect from Lord Malekith and I told my sister such.  She just smiled and spoke to me in the condescending way she tends to do that the Dawi have a flaw that we could exploit.
Unlike the Dawi which our Lord Malekith tricked into a war with our High Elven kin, the Dawi Zharr have the ability to use magic.  It was a by product of soaking in the winds of Chaos during the first great Chaos incursion for a hundred years.  The natural resistance to magic all dwarfs share was weakened and slowly destroyed as the Dawi Zharr mutated.  Because of this they can wield magic but at a great cost.  For each spell cast by one of their Sorcerers slowly turns them to stone.  The great road to their capital Zharr Naggrond is lined with Sorcerer Lords who have succumbed to the Curse of Stone.
No one understands the minds of Dwarfs as well as our Lord Malekith.  It is to this end that should the Dawi Zharr give us the aid of their warriors in opening a second front against the Asur, we shall give them the secrets kept within Saphery.  The weakling healing arts our kin study for fervently will be the prize of the dwarfs so that they can find a cure to their disability.
After hearing this I was indeed intrigued.  I had not been given any information about the rumored invasion as of yet, but if this was all true and we could convince the Dawi Zharr to aid us.  It we would finally be able to overwhelm the Asur defenders and take back Ulthuan as is our right.
I ordered my men to keep the prisoners unharmed, save for two who managed to take a dagger off one of the guards and slit his throat in an attempt to escape.  They have been fed to the Cold Ones in the holding pens, much to the amusement of my Corsairs.  They got at least some entertainment for their troubles.
Ship is anchored in position and lookouts are on watch at all times for sight of Sea Guard coming out of the Fortress of Dawn.  Unlikely they will see us however as there seems to be a storm in the East in the direction of the citadel.  
Will continue to keep watch on developments.

-Kaja-Rang Seregon,
Commander of the Beautiful Midnight

Year 5207, of the reign of Lord Malekith
Latitude: -45° 8 Min. 47 Sec.
Longitude: 15° 6 Min. 27 Sec.

   I have never wished to escape a meeting more so then I have wished today.  The Dawi Zharr flotilla appeared on the horizon early this morning.  Two Battle barges, two Fire ships and four of their ship crushing Maulers arrived and fanned out.  Given their aggressive stance I thought they were going to attack us.  Quite a useless gesture if they did, there is nothing over or under the ocean that can match a Black Arc in power.  However I was cautious and prepared the men for a possible confrontation.  My sister was confident they meant no ill will and they were just posturing.  I was simply �?ojumping at shadows�?�.  Nevertheless, I have not lived as long as I have and done what I have done by taking reckless chances.
Fortunately the Dawi Zharr were interested in hearing what we had to say.  A smaller vessel was launched and we allowed them inside the Ark.  I can still hear the sound of that Dwarf Sorcerers stone foot as he climbed up the gangplank, I can still smell him as well.  He was followed by 6 fully armoured Warriors and several Hobgoblins.  Vile things on our houses Ark, but there was little I could do.  We had to tolerate their presence for now.

My sister greeted him and presented him with our �?ogift�?�.  He was pleased to be given such good slaves, he should damn well better.  They would have fetched a fine price at port.  We gave him a tour of the Ramparts, nothing vital.  I made it clear to her I would not allow them intimate access to anything on the Ark and my sister did not press the point.  It was only after this, and we had retired to the great hall, that my sister got down to business.

We explained to them the plan, how a second front augmented by the force of the Dawi Zharr would help us in finally bringing down the false king and making our Lord Malekith the true lord of Ulthuan.  The Sorcerer, Marbud Deepok was his name if I recall correctly, asked the question I had been waiting for.  Why would they lay down their lives for us?

It was then that Tollomei told him the prize for their aid.  All the secrets the weakling Asur mages keep in Saphery.  Secrets that may solve the little problem all Dawi Zharr Sorcerers possess.  She, not so subtly, pointed out his stone foot as she made the offer.  I could tell instantly he was annoyed at her pointing out his liability.  However I also could tell he was intrigued.  My sister spent the next half hour carefully coaxing him into accepting, all the while I, and my guards, kept an eye on the Hobgoblins.  I did notice something that could prove useful.  One of the Dawi Zharr guards was giving away not so subtle tells that he greatly disliking being there, and greatly disliked the Sorcerer.  His armour was much more ornate then the others.  Could we use this information later on?  I must keep note of it.

It was not long after that the Sorcerer left, saying he had to commune with his Lord.  I was relieved to see them go to say the least.  My sister believes we have them and they will give us aid.  Personally I could care less.  Give me 500 of my houses finest corsairs and I will open a second front without these �?ochaos dwarfs�?�.  It is Lord Malekiths wishes however, and I must take heart in the knowledge that no one understands the mind of a dwarf quite like him.

Guard is on double watch tonight in the event the Dawi Zharr try anything.  No discipline to the crew needed.  Wind turning north-north east, patrols will not be able to make it back before noon tomorrow taking the wind change into account.

-Kaja-Rang Seregon,
Commander of the Beautiful Midnight

Year 5207, of the reign of Lord Malekith

Latitude: -38 ° 34 Min. 36 Sec.
Longitude: 16° 35 Min. 12 Sec.

Command of the Black Ark has been given over to General Aerandir Telrun who I have ordered back to Naggaroth in order to begin preparation for the invasion. I have taken my fleet and am now proceeding to the southern tip of the Southlands to a bay under the control of the Gunrock clan where we will begin preparation for the invasion.

It took several hours, but they accepted the offer. Their fleet is leading the way as we follow along as best we can. The wind change, fortunately, is in our favor and doesn't look to be settling down. A Squall in the South Seas blows two points off the beam and fills our sails enough to keep up with the Dawi Zharr steam ships. The storm in the south should also prevent Sea Guard forces out of the Fortress of Dawn from following us and discovering what is occurring.
Damn these Dwarfs, how can they sail in such monstrosities? The black smoke belching from them shouts too all around they are coming! How can they ever hope to get the drop on any enemy like that?

I will have to keep such thoughts to myself for now. There is much work to be done with these Dwarfs and I must at least pretend to be friendly.

Tollomei has informed me that I have been given command of the attack force. It is to be small however; we will make the Dwarfs carry much of the burden. Reinforcements will be minimal at best so I will have to make due, though I am more then used to such conditions.
I told Finrod to go amongst the corsairs and select a regiment of the best among them. Seems he was a little biased in his opinion but I agree with his selection overall. They either come from the Ice Dragons or the Iron Blade companies. Both of which contain many veterans who will be most beneficial in this cause.

Added to the forces, my personal guard of Cold One Knights will join us as well as one of our houses Chariots. It is all we were allowed to requisition however. I wished to take one of our Reaper Bolt throwers, but it was firmly denied by my sister. She had her orders from the head of our house that we were to make the best of what we had. Damn him! I cannot wait for the day I can remove him from the top so that I can take our house to the true pinnacle of greatness! For now I must listen to the will of my father. Hopefully the glory I gain form this will give me enough support to finally remove him.

The lack of a Reaper is a blow, though one I can easily recover from. The Eagle Claw bolt thrower taken from the Elven ship we captured has been stored aboard, as well as the two operators who were �?omistakenly�?� left out of the list of slaves captured. The ones responsible have been punished for giving false report of the crew. Twenty lashes seemed appropriate, though I told the slave master to not be too harsh with them. I respect their initiative, but I will suffer no false reports or subterfuge in my sailors...unless the order comes directly from me of course.  

Our slave driver will no doubt have great fun breaking these Asur into firing there weapon upon their own kin.  It shall be entertaining to watch.

My sister will also be accompanying us. It has been awhile since I have fought along with her. It has been three years since I aided her in seeking out Members of the Cult of Slaanesh in lord Malekiths name. He suffers the cult�?Ts existence mostly due to his mother, Queen Morathi. However, he will not tolerate it if it means his own hold over us all is weakened. Rooting out the cult was a pleasurable experience, I do enjoy fighting alongside my sister, her bloodlust and skill is admirable. As well as the fact that when we fight in tandem, we are a force to be reckoned with. I have already tasked her to be the one to hold our family banner high, something she is more then happy to oblige doing.

Soon�?�soon we will be on the shores of Ulthuan yet again. This time we mean not to leave. We will sweep aside our foes and return our Lord to his rightful place as heir of the Phoenix throne!

While I will strike deep into the heart of Yvresse tearing down the walls of Ar Yvraine! I will be the one to topple the city of Lothern and the damn Sea Guard! I will strike out as the sun rises on yet another day and show the elves why I am called the Black Dawn...

-Kaja-Rang Seregon,
Commander of the Beautiful Midnight


Those stories were amazing worth some lsaves methinks!