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Pink Beard:

what do you think the best option for a lord is?


please post ideas :slight_smile:


Lord on Great Taurus (Hammer of Hashut, armor) or Sorcerer lord on foot (in a magic heavy army).

Lammasu is, well, bad, and bull centaur lord is not as good as lord on a taurus (still a possibility tho).


Depends on the rest of the list really.

A Lord on Taurus can be invaluable to a Chaos Dwarf list, providing a hard-hitting manouverable unit (heard it described as a dwarf gyrocopter that’s used as a flank charger). However, you’ll want to buy a CD hero as well to act as your general, staying back near the lines if you take him. Also, it’s goingtoo takeup a fair few of your points.

By and large, sorcerer lords on Lammasu are not worth taking. They at best do what the Taurus does, but nowhere near as well, and make your sorcerer lord an even greater target. Don’t take it, unless it’s for fluff reasons/fun.

Sorcerer Lords on foot are brilliant in a gunline army, and depending on the lore can add some serious firepower to your army.

Chaos Dwarf Lords on foot can be useful, but are restrained by the fact that there’s a good chance they won’t see combat due to their very low move.

Bull Centaur Lords are a lot of fun to use. Very nice killing power, but like the lord on Taurus take Ld away from your lines.

I think that sums up the orthodox school of thought on CD characters.


I prefer bull centaur lord with hammer of hasut ,armour of gaz on anything less than 3000 .You can always take a hobbo hero on wolf HA,Enc Shd,sword of might as well which helps make up for not having taurus these two add power to BC and WOLFBOYZ or can operate individually they cost alot less too .:hat


I pufer a lord an a great tarus mainly because he’ll see combat and can make low leaders ship stuff run.He’s usally equiped with black hamer and furnis armor and encanted shield for a 2+ save.



he cannot take the enchanted shield with the furnace armor…

personally i perfer the taurus lord with armor of Gaz and the hammer or a GW…

the taurus is really an oversized gyrocopter… that can break ranks… hes no combat king…

a huge distraction that cannot be ignored… but hes not my first choice anyway…

my list of lords is as follows:

1) sorceror lord on foot… T5 Ld10 level 4… nice…

2) Bull Centaur lord… 0-1 for a reason…

3) Taurus lord… useful but can easily go splat…

4) Lord on foot… too slow to matter… a hero can do the same job…

5) Sorceror Lord on Lammansu… make my s. lord more vunerable? no thanx…


i think metro gnomes listing is pretty much the way i see it too. sorcerer lord is my first choice every time because the heroes can support in the combat.


However, you'll want to buy a CD hero as well to act as your general, staying back near the lines if you take him. Also, it's goingtoo takeup a fair few of your points.
I don't do so.
I need to have some kind of antimagic, so two sorcerers are a minimum. Then, a battle standard bearer is more useful than a lone hero (even with Ld10)
So, in my standard list, I have:
Lord on Taurus; Armor of furnace, black hammer, shield
2xsorcerer each with 2 scrolls, 2 levels if I have the points needed
bull centaurs bsb with armor of ghazrak and sword of might - he's a matchwinner (especially in <2k battles)

Pink Beard:

would it be possible to take a sorcerers lord not in a gunline army?




I can get almost as much combat effectiveness from hero’s (sans the taurus) and people don’t avoid heros like the plague, and for a sorcerer 3 normal ones kicks a level 4’s backside and only cost a little more

My veiw on things

Uzkul Werit:

The best thing about the Great Taurus is that people can’t afford to dodge your Lord. I’ve used him to swep aside anything up to units of about 15 Dwarf Warriors.

And the Great Stag model - the best model to convert into a Great Taurus - is small enough to hide behind most trees. Unlike most large targets!