[Archive] Lore of Death vs Lore of Hashut


Which one for a flying sorcerer prophet?

Generally speaking the Hashut Spells #1/#4 come to mind require a short range.

The #1 Spell has potential to be devastating with the 2d6 str 6 hits can take out a chunk of knights/RnF just as easily as some monsters.
The #3 Spell also is a decent snipe spell with the 2d6 hits.
and the #5 Spell would be easy to line up with a flying lord and could be pretty devastating down a line of ogres.

Additionally flying around makes it easier to get hatred to who needs it, and you can get Ashstorm off in your opponents deployment zone instead of waiting for them to move down the line.

For lore of death the #2/#5 spells are comparable to our #1/#3 spell being pretty powerful against single targets (if they get off) but hashuts #1 has more flexibility in that we can target lone units or ranked units and still do good damage. Fate of Bjuna however wounds alot easier on 2+.

Additionally Lore of Death gets the mighty spirit leech which just ruins large stupid monsters that can ruin our day.

Purple Sun against Flames of Azgorh I have to give the winner to Flames just because its a threat to everyone where P.Sun is just low init troops.

Anyway what do you guys think?


Flames is only good on the paper. Only hitting 1/3 of the time after a 18+ cast is devasting. Purple sun is insanely sick and dependable

The only thing which is making this a close call is Ashstorm. That is definetely one of the strongest spells in the game.

Hashut is in no way bad at all, it’s actually pretty nice, but Lore of Death is widely considered the best lore.

But the cool thing about the current lores is, that they all do good stuff. I played a lot of dark elf without ever actually reading lore of Shadows… BIG mistake xD


On a flying sorcerer, death seems to be the better choice, due to all the direct damage spells being so short ranged and being able to line up better purple suns. Other than spell 1, and perhaps the signature spell, hashut serves just as well at range than close up.

On foot, death is far more risky, as the direct damage spells are too short for the prophet to easily use, and a screwed up purple sun will wreck havoc on your own lines.

I’d use hashut, as it is a more fun lore, and pretty much everyone expects death at this point.


I suppose I could always take hashut and a lvl 2 death Demonsmith and just have the best of both worlds (spirit leech and ashstorm)

Wolf :

I think you need to keep in mind, that the Lore of Hashut can only be taken with the SP.

So if you roll poor which I have done, you end up with a semi fire spells.

Where Death you can take a level two and get the spells you want.


I believe in the Lore of Hashut, it’s such a veritable toolbox and regardless of spells, with a flying Prophet you’ll always find uses. I for one love Dark Subjugation. Ashstorm is awesome but the lore stands on its own even without it imho :slight_smile: Burning Wrath is awesome on a mobile flyer, Curse of Hashut is also sweet. I’ve never used Breath of Hatred but I should. The only underperformer is Flames of Azgorh however when it does go off on target it’s a gamewinner.

The one lore i’d really like is shadow, i want a lammasu just to send my IG flying into a rear-charge position.

Anyhow, yeah, Hashut wins on its possibility to adapt to any game.

Wolf :

Anyhow, yeah, Hashut wins...........

Case Closed x.x


Anyhow, yeah, Hashut wins...........

Case Closed x.x


Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Death is very powerful. Every spell will have good use. My favs are soulblight and doom and darkness. Doom and Darkness combined with hellcannons is very very nasty…

Soulblight on any unit in combat with your troops will really help them out.

Death snipes are perfect for keeping prophet killers off your back but hey I still like lore of Hashut on a footslogging prophet. Death for the mounted one.