[Archive] Lore of Hashut Ideas


I would like to see Chaos Dwarf magic involve the enslavement of Daemons of other Chaos Gods to their will.��This could function in a similar way to how Daemonic summoning works in Epic, where before the game the CD player purchases a Daemon pool, then during the game the CD sorcerors can attempt to summon these enslaved Daemons to the battlefield.

---Uggh, that honestly made me cringe. Copying units from other armies causes a number of serious problems by itself. That would involve repeating profiles for the purposes of a single spell, or worse, forcing the CD player to buy the Hordes of Chaos book for handful of entries. Secondly it is a spell that produces extra models. That has been done twice (Invocation of Nehek and Purple Fire of Tzeench I believe), and in both cases those involved models that the player already has access to and the ability to use in his list already. Third, moving the models onto the board can cause problems if it is not done very carefully. Invocation of Nehek is an immensely powerful spell because it make a flanking unit (and then possibly get them to charge that turn).

---That idea can work, but not as a spell, and not in the Chaos Dwarf list. Look at the 40k demon summoning for an example.