[Archive] Lore of Hashut Yay or Nay


Played my first game with CD last night and used a lvl 4 with death. Though it was �?ook�?� without things to boost magic dice, spell selection etc�?�its only OK. Obviously the range is a big player as turn 1 I couldn�?Tt cast anything other than my support metal mages spell due to range.

I am actually pulling closer towards trying fire out. Yes lore of Hashut looks ok, without the two big spells which you cannot guarantee I think it�?Ts the same as death and �?ook�?�.

My support mage runs metal, which is ok as a support but I think is a waste for a lvl 4 as vs a lot of armies it does nothing (like against the High elves I played last night)

I might try a few more games with Death, but I am leaning towards trying a lvl 4 with fire.

Having the extra magic missiles, flaming sword and firecage, could work very well and all have a good range.

The other option is not to take a level 4 as they are alot of points for a unbuffable mage


I like the Hashut lore more and more.

There are some good stuff about it and some bad.

Lets start off with the bad.

1. Its effectiveness is highly Dependant on the spells you get (though with lvl 4 I usally roll at least 1 dubble :wink: )

2. Its generally short range.

and now the good.

Ash to storm is AMAZING.

I played a game vs brettonia and managed to keep his character buss stormed untill the very last turn, making them all but useless.

Hatred buff is awesome on something like Hobgoblins who really needs to make up for their low LD with more kills, the dwarfs become more killy as well!

+1 hit buff also very nice!

Its a unique lore! No other army can take it, and why not make my already super special, and super cool CD army more special? I just love it!

If you are using things like flame cannons and Kdaai´s ash is once again, AMAZING.

I dont think there is an argument here.

Sure Lore of Fire is great, but very easy to counter.

These days, any good player gets dragon bane, or dragon helm etc. Getting ward saves for fire is easy, getting ward saves vs hashut… Not so much.

Border Reiver:

Personally, I love the Lore - haven’t not used it in battle. Ash Storm is brillant to suck out the enemies dispel dice - who wants to be flammable when your opponent gets bonuses for casting on you?