[Archive] lore of magic: standard or mutable?

Alan the evil:

Hi all

this thread was written for an armylist who uses sorcerer lord

I read in past threads taht CD players decide to use a lore instead than others depending on sorcerer magic levels or for playing styles

I think instead that lore of magic depend on enemys army…  

I must to be reliable in my strategy insted than try to catch a good spell in a chart… With low level sorcerers it’s quite intuitive that we must entrust to cheap spells like ball of fire, black hand of death or rule of burning iron… but a sorcerer lord could work differently

So the question: which kind of lore is better against single armies?

I obviosly prefear lore of fire against WE and Khemri because of their high touchly to fire.

I also use lore of fire vs VC only for have as many missiles as it’s possible against their etheral units and because i have to many useless spells against them with other lores…

Instead vs dwarf I prefear to use lore of metal because of their high SA (rule of burnig iron - transmutation of lead), their war machines (comandament of brass), runes (law of gold) and their usual great weapon (bane of forged steel).

Vs High elves I use lore of shadow (usually they have a lots of models immune to fire). It’s good for their high moviment: we can go fast (steed of shadow - unseen lurker) or try to stop them (pit of shadow and even sometimes shade of death) and the other 2 spells are good with this kind of army for protecting our precious units from bolt thrower (pelt of midnight) or smashing their cavalry (creeping death).

Vs other armyes I do’t know which lore is better… and when i’m in duobt I use fire…

What do you think about??

Ancient History:

“If it burns, kill it with fire.” is a pretty old and lazy standby (which admittedly tends to work), which is why so many armies have protections against fire.

The Lore of Death works a treat on Skaven and Orcs & Goblins armies because they panic easily. Lore of Metal is a good alternative to the Lore of Fire, especially against the Empire, Brettonians and Warriors of Chaos because of their armour. Lore of Shadows is, as you said, best against elves - any elves.


I run a magic heavy army and usually have at least 3 sorcerers (Lord has Shadow, Fire and Metal). When I run 4 Sorcerers I add Death. Balancing out the magic seems to work for me in most cases, but I may change up depending on opponent.