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Damn dude! I already was in awe of your dreadquake! These charachters are superb!!! I absolutely LOVE the whole “magical floating platform” thingie! Thumbs up up up!!!


Cheers, Skink. Actually, the floating platforms idea was just done because otherwise my character’s cloaks get in the way of them ‘ranking up’…but don’t tell anyone that :slight_smile:


I like your take on CDs. Those characters and that scratch-built Dreadquake train car are great. Looking forward to see the BCs finished.


Thanks, Admiral. You might wait a while for the BCs, as I’m short on greenstuff. I might be able to finish one as a prototype, but I need all I have for the Dreadquake. I have places an order for more, so it should arrive in a week or two. As an alternative, I could finish the BCs and leave the Dreadquake for a bit. Depends on what people think.

I’m also working on an idea for an Iron Daemon; but it’s only in the concept stages.


Do the Dreadquake first. Such a big project deserves it. Also, I think that crucifying slaves on your banners will work well for tying it all together. The Chaos Dwarf units could also have slaves on their standards, as a way to terrorize their enemies if nothing else.


Jupp, the characters looks great as well!


Characters look really good looking forward to them painted !


Admiral - I think the unified banners idea is a good one. However, I also wanted to have icons denoting the CDs master. What I think I might do, is have an icon banner, and then have a crucified slave being carried as a unit filler. What do you reckon?

As to characters, thanks for the compliments. You might wait a while for painting, as I have to buy some paints :slight_smile:

I’ll be working on this Dreadquake for a while, but during the week I’ll put up a few new pictures. I’ve still got to put up a finished warrior green (done, but not taken a pic) and a finished Immortal (mostly done). I’ll use that to break-up the Dreadquake work. I’ve also started an Iron Daemon project, because your hands get messed up if you work with greenstuff all day; so this is just gluing and pinning. When it looks less rubbish, I’ll put some pics up.


I’m working on experimental rules for a new unit.  A bestiary entry is below, I’d appreciate help with it.  Ideas, refinements and objects would be great; someone else trying it out in a battle would be even better.  You’d have to be sensible regarding the rules about the effect on slaves, as my army units has a ‘Slaves’ rule and others won’t - but it should be easy to tell which units it would work on.


The Pit Guard does not have a long history, but this has not prevented the regiment from forging a fearsome reputation.  Formed following the Great Rebellion, the Pit Guard is tasked with ensuring any disturbances within the Slave Pits are brutally put down.  Only the most vicious and cruel Dwarfs are selected for the honour of serving in �?~The Guard�?T, and since the regiment�?Ts formation the oppression of the slaves has been total.

The insurrection led by the Black Orcs opened the eyes of the Chaos Dwarfs to the precarious situation their social system put them in.  The complacency with which the mines and pits were run was replaced by a regime of tight controls and even more brutal violence.  Whilst before the labyrinthine mine-workings spread unchecked, interlinking in myriad places and sometimes even going unmapped, it was decreed that each Kindred should now be responsible for a single Great Pit; a system of mines and slave pens, divided from others by walling off the connecting tunnels.  Each Great Pit was, in turn, divided into a dozen Lesser Pits.  Any revolt amongst the slave would thus be isolated to a specific area, and amongst a smaller number of slaves.

These changes in turn changed Chaos Dwarf society, leading as they did to the need for a new class of dwarf to rule the Lesser Pits.  As an answer to this, the Council of Hashut announced that a new rank of �?~Pit Master�?T would be created.  Each Pit Master would rule a single Lesser Pit, and answer for any problems in the running thereof.  It was to be the role of the Pit Guard to form the iron fist of these new commanders; as well as to report to the Council regarding any disturbances or mismanagement within the Pits.    Thus it is that the Pit Guard are both a Pit Master�?Ts most vital allies, and his greatest enemies.  They are his tools of oppression, and the spies in his midst.

The Pit Guard are not only brutal, but are also brutally armed.  As the first line of defence and main prevention against a future rebellion, they have been granted the finest war gear their kind can create.  Each warrior wears a finely wrought suit of flexible armour, ideal for use with their fearsome weapons, the mercilessly cruel �?oShredding Lashes�?�; weapons which terrify their enemies, as well as their slave victims.  A Shredding Lash is a hideously barbed whip, designed to tear flesh from bones with the merest of glancing blows.  When used as a pair, the whips form a swirling mass of ripping iron claws which is almost impossible to stand against.  A single Pit Guard can hold a tunnel against masses of rioting slaves almost indefinitely, and can drive his foes before him; forcing them back to the pens where they can be restrained.  It is little wonder that, since the creation of the Pit Guard, not a single Pit has revolted against its rightful lords.

When the Chaos Dwarfs march to war, the Pit Guard is ever-present; maintaining order amongst the slaves and revelling in the horror they inflict in battle.  Few enemies can stand before the advance of the Pit Guard and the mesmerising storm of their Shredding Lashes.  Shields are torn from arms, armour is rent asunder and flesh is flayed from mangled bodies, as The Guard march implacably forward; cackling and howling with delight as they revel in the gore and bloodshed.

                      M  WS   BS   S   T  W    I  A  LD
Pit Guard         3    4     3    3   4   1    2  1   9
Flayer             3    4     3    3   4   1    2  2   9

Unit Type: Infantry.

Equipment: Pair of Shedding Lashes and Heavy Armour.

Special Rules: Chaos Dwarf, Maelstrom of Death and Fear the Lash.

Shredding Lashes: Shredding Lashes count as carrying an additional hand weapon.  Furthermore, models with Shredding Lashes gain an extra attack for each �?~to hit�?T roll of a 6 they make.  No �?~parry�?T saves may be made against Shredding Lashes.

Maelstrom of Death: Pit Guard gain the �?~Always Strike First�?T special rule, in the first round of combat, against any enemy fighting to their front.  In addition, any model attacking Pit Guard from the front suffers a -1 �?~to hit�?T penalty in the first round of any combat.

Fear the Lash:  Slaves fear The Guard more than any foe they may meet on the field of battle.  A unit with the �?~Slaves�?T rule, which is within 6�?� of a unit of Pit Guard, is immune to psychology.  In addition, any �?~Slave�?T unit fighting in the same combat as a unit of Pit Guard may us the Pit Guard�?Ts leadership for break tests.

I’m figuring out a prototype at the minute, which I’ll mock-up in a couple of weeks; but I like the general idea of them.  If I can tweak them so they are well balanced and find a good points value for them, I’ll include them in my ‘Slave Horde’ army book.


I assume its a typo but chaos dwarfs are usually T4


I assume its a typo but chaos dwarfs are usually T4

Thanks. Corrected.