[Archive] Lotr Easterlings as Hobgoblins


Greetings All,

At the moment I am busy sourcing models for my two Chaos Dwarf projects. My Citadel Guard themed force is in dire need of Hobgoblins so was looking through my collection and stumbled across an old Easterling.

What say you? Do you think these models are suitable to use as Hobgoblins? They have a cruel appearance to match and lots of back banners?

Apologies if in wrong place


For sure useful as lackey troops! Easterlings are well designed aesthetically, and their scalemail and masked helmets rhyme with the Infernal Guard look. As to back banners, aren’t those for Khand rather than Easterlings, or had you planned conversions? Men of Khan also would work as lackeys, though if you want them as greenskins rather than humans, then some facejob conversions would be in order.


Yes the back banners are typically Khandish troops or Haradrim. I quiet like the banners on the Haradrim Raiders. I know I’ll need to source some heads if I go the Harad or Khand route but I feel that these could work well with some work and can produce a nice motley appearance


Go for it

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Hashut’s Blessing:

Interested to see if you did go for this. The scales are slightly different between Fantasy or Age of Sigmar and the Middle Earth range, but that may work in favour of ‘selling’ these as hobgoblins. As mentioned, the Easterlings have the wicked weapons and armour, the Variags of Khand tend more towards the eastern themes associated with the hobgoblins (mostly thinking headgear and robes) and you’ve mentioned back banners specific to Khand rather than Rhûn.

A little greenstuff to elongate nose and/or ears might be all it takes for the Khandish Mercenaries to stand out as not human, but a colourscheme could potentially cover it if you’re not up to that. The main setback for Khand as hobgoblins is that they price probably isn’t significantly cheaper - although the Easterlings will save you a bundle in comparison. Either way, show us what you’ve got, if you got round to it!

(Signed, an Easterlings collector.)