[Archive] LoTR rules re-release in February


I think this means

The Return of the King game.

The Lord of the Rings - The Battle Game.
5 New Supplements and a horde of figures.


Use the force Harry!

Hashut’s Blessing:

The One Ring have pretty much confirmed this. I’ll be able to confirm/deny it tomorrow, but won’t get home until about midnight GMT.

The rumour is that the core book and the three journey books remain, the rest are replaced with 5 books (Mordor, Man realms, free people, etc) with updated profiles, maybe some new models, probably new finecast.


I have not seen any of them, but this is what is coming, all on Feb 4th.

The Free Peoples (English) 64pp Army Book $29.75
LoTR: Mordor (English) 48pp Army Book $29.75
LoTR: The Fallen Realms (English) 48pp Army Book $29.75
Moria & Angmar (English) 48pp Army Book $29.75
Easterling Kataphrakts 6 Fig Box $43.50 Plastic
Amdûr, Lord of Blades 2 Fig $39.50 Resin---2 Figures?????????
Easterling Dragon Knight 1 Fig $27.50 Resin
Easterling War Priest 1 Fig $27.50 Resin
Lord of The Rings Casualties 8 Fig Box $35.75 Resin--Seriously??????
The Watcher in the Water 1 Fig $85.25 Resin
Warg Marauder 1 Fig $29.75 Resin
Dweller in the Dark 1 $49.50 Resin
Grôblog, King of the Deeps 1 Fig $19.00 Resin
Ashrâk, the Spiderkin 1 Fig $16.00 Resin
Great Beast of Gorgoroth 1 Fig $85.25 Resin-The Big Rhino Thing
Gondor Commanders 4 Fig $47.50 Resin -4 Figures? One is a mounted captain?
Rohan Commanders 4 Fig $47.50 Resin
Galadhrim Elf Commanders 4 Fig $47.50 Resin
Dwarf Commanders 4 $47.50 Resin-well, they do not have mounts so what could it be? 2h/shield/banner/horn?

The Last Alliance
Piccies here:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I got White Dwarf on Thurs - the prices of the sourcebooks is printed wrong: it says £12 and should be £15. Another book (not listed) is the realsm of Men. Also, the Dwarf commanders have captain, sheildbearer, banner and horn. Gondor has a new hero (Knight of the Tower), Elf is a captain, horn, stormcaller and banner and the rohan added a new character (King’s Huntsman). Amdur is on foot and mounted. Kataphrakts have two dead Easterlings (for some reason, lol) and options for captain, drummer and banner. Dragon Knight and Warpriest are mounted.


I really like the mounted Easterling War Priest.

Shame it’s so crap in game.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The command boxes are £24 as well, it seems, not £20.50 as advertised.

The reason the boxes are now 12 apiece (although some, like Easterlings, Uruks

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Nobody played it when it came out the first time and three big movies were being released at the same time. What makes them think anyone is going to want to play it now??

Grimbold Blackhammer


I played it back in the day. It kinda felt like Warhammer jr. I ended up getting rid of everything, as it felt weird to do the same scenarios over and over, and if the evil side won… it just didn’t feel right…


What makes them think anyone is going to want to play it now??

Grimbold Blackhammer
The first Hobbit film is out this year.

Kera foehunter:

So how many of you play lotr??

it never took off where i’m at… everyone thought it suxed

Me included


None here,got myself the fellowship to paint and some other things i liked from the books, but no rulebook.


I was given a tester game in GW once, although I never finished it because my bus arrived and I didn’t want to have to wait an extra hour. It seemed like a good system. I have a small boxset of the Fellowship models that I was given as a present, but I haven’t even painted them.


The figures are superb. I buy them partly because I like the miniatures and partly because I love War of the Ring.

Never tried Lord of the Ring, although by all accounts it is actually quite a good rule system.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I have played it, but like big games, where it gets clunky - it’s great for small skirmishes and lunchtime battles though!

Kera foehunter:

I do wish they would of put them out in 28mm then the Dwarf would be great warriors Converions

Hashut’s Blessing:

The scale difference isn’t as extreme as people feel, the real problem is that the style is so different - LotR Dwarfs are more like short, heavily bearded men; WFB Dwarfs look more like a different race altogether, although clearly with strong anatomical links to humans.

If anybody doesn’t know, a new rule has been applied - for every 12 warriors you MUST have a Hero: it prevents people haing 100 goblin warriors led by a single goblin captain and beating the odds with numbers. Obviously, that’s still how some armies work (although they have a higher proportion of heroes as a result), but balances the game out a lot.


My problem with LoTR is that so many people have such a passionate love/hate for it it’s hard to get a disinterested assessment of whether it is a good game or not.  It seems to generate much stronger love/hate feelings than Warhammer or 40k do, partly I suspect because people have two possibly incorrect opinions of it: a) that it is a kid’s game and therefore ipso facto has little merit, and b) that it siphons off resources that could have been put towards Warhammer or 40k.

Maybe I should bite the bullet, buy the rulebook, and make up my own mind about it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

If you do go for it, buy Mines of Moria - it’s the single best value set that GW sells. Rulebook is £35, Fellowship is £37, 24 goblins is £27, cave troll is £18.50, dice are £4.10, range ruler plus scenery would not be negligible: all for £51.25! The only bits the rulebook is missing (compared tot he big one) are the building/painting/army building articles. So you save around £75…

It works well in smaller games (250pts is a great starting place - it’s often a box and a blister), but gets bogged down VERY quickly with large rnumbers of models. When you get to 500+ pts, consider War of the Ring instead. I do really like the way warbands work as it helps to prevent the bogging down, but I did for a long time not be a big fan of it.

Basically, try it out and if you like the models - go for it!



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