[Archive] LOTR Stuff for sale (Need to Clear) Not all GW


Unopened box of Harad, RRP£17, would like £10

Unopened box of Mordor Orcs, RRP£17, would like £10

Scenery from Balins Tomb, no idea on source, £3?

Badly painted Rhino, RRP£15, £4?? I guess it can be stripped

Armoured Troll, all metal, RRP it think is £15, Would like £10

This is where I get confused, about 20 models from Sabretooth models, offers, no clue what they are worth.

And the evil ones, about 18 of them, offers

Urak Hai, 29 in total, 11 spears (two tips missing) 16 swords, Metal Lurtz model wth bow, Bezerker and a bomb. £10

6 rangers, inc Damrod, Faramir and 4 rangers complete.

Plastic Fellowship from the 2001 release, no idea on value, £15?? ono.

37 Goblins, 11 spears, 16 bows, 10 swords, minor damage few bits missing, £10 the lot? ono (plus note below)

also there are some of the guys on wargs, but the picture refuses to upload, two arms missing incuded in deal above.

6 Riders of Rohan, inc Theo-what ever his name (the king of rohan) £6?

10 Army of the Dead inc the King (king missing sword tip) £10 as new otherwise

39 Minas Tirith, 18 swords, 11 spears (two spear arms missing) and 10 bowmen, £10 ono.

23 Harad, 11 spears (1 broken off but inc) 12 bow (1 broken) £7? ono

27 Orcs, 8 spear, 13 shords, 5 bow and metal SB, £9ono.


NB - Paypal only, buyer covers postage!

Hashut’s Blessing:

The Balin’s Tomb scenery and plastic Fellowship are both from the Mines of Moria box and you can get a bit more for the Fellowship, IMO. Also, the King’s name is Theoden.

I’m looking at the Uruk-hai and the Warriors of Minas Tirith. How much P&P to England would ya say that is, please?


Weight is not the worry, in a box no more than £3, less than £3.50 recorded
->if its any less i’ll gift it you back via paypal.

and thank you for the name of the king, that been bugging me all afternoon.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I thought it would’ve been bugging you. One of those things that irritates me when it’s on the cusp of being recalled, but refuses to listen :smiley:

I’ll have a think over the next couple of days, if that’s okay?


chears, yeah no problem.

anyone have any idea if the Sabretooth models are worth anything? or cheep models?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sabretooth - you may be able to find out on eBay. How many Eastlerings/Dwarfs ya got? Have you got Khamul?


Looked on eBay and the web, no joy.

Just got what i’ve listed sorry, only dwarf I have is gimli in the lotr set.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I meant in the Sabretooth stuff, lol. Sorry :smiley:


Ohhhh… the sabretooth stuff for dwarfs/easterlings…

you know I haven’t a clue. I’ll check later for who there is.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you, very much :smiley:


Any idea what they are worth?

Like 50p / model, £1 / model less more?

The web seems rather low on information on them (or my googlefu is week)

Hashut’s Blessing:

I haven’t the foggiest, but I was planning to create something arbitrary, but sounding fair, lol :smiley:


The ones I have are:-


3 Gondorian Rangers

1 Gondorian Archer

1 Gondorian Warrior

2 Warriors of Rohan

2 Rohirrim Royal Guard

1 Rohirrim Archer

1 Guard of the Fountain Court

2 Eowyn

2 High Elf archer

Gandelf the Gray







2 Grishnakh

2 Haradrim Warriors

1 Easterling Spearman

1 Nazgul

4 Orc Spearmen

1 Cirith Ungol Urak-Hai

1 Urak-Hai Warrior

1 Urak-Hai Berzerker

1 Urak-Hai Archer

That’s the lot!



This is VERY similar stuff, and the prices are insane.

The www.sabretoothgames.com isn’t a site anymore and its what is typed on the bottom of each model.

I wonder what the game actually was.