[Archive] LoTR Warg Compared to '92 GW Wolf?


I’m looking for a better mount for my Hobgobs, as the GW plastic wolves are crap, & I’m considering using the LoTR Warg models. Sizewise, how do they compare?

A pic would be greatly appreciated!:hat off


They’re about the same size. The warg is slightly narrower, and slightly taller, but there’s not much in it. The warhammer goblins/hobgoblins don’t fit perfectly onto the wargs, so you’ll need to do a bit of trimming and/or forcing them on to sit tightly.


Pic coming up.



Pic coming up.

Awesome! Thanks much & I'm sold on the Wargs now. Far better looking mount.


Arg, i dunno whether to use warg or chaos hounds (which i have) now!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Chaos Warhounds are great models but getting a rider onto them and not look ridiculous is tough. The mane on their backs is a pain and doesn’t look good even when filed down for the rider.

Grimbold Blackhammer


The fact that Warg are used as mounts for the LotR goblins make them easy to use for wolfriders. When I mounted mine the main consideation is you need some greenstuff to fill in spaces as they’re meant for different riders, but its easy enough when yo consider you’ll probably want to add a saddle or something similar any way.

Ben Saunders:

I think Wargs would work but (in case people here don’t follow 40k releases) it seems that Space Wolves are shortly to get Thunder Wolf Cavalry and Fenrisian Wolves. I’d hold off buying anything until I’d had a look at those if I were you. (Unfortunately I already bought some Wargs on eBay a couple of weeks back, to replace my '92 wolves.)

Da Crusha:

my friend used wargs for his khorne marauder unit. he painted them to like tigers and even though his paint skills are a bit lacking they still looked awesome.


So many possibilities as mounts…shame I’ve just finished my wolfrider unit! Hmm…maybe another unit could be on the cards!