[Archive] Lots of OOP for sale/trade

Blue in VT:

Howdy all…trying to drum up some money to complete my MM90 collection!

I have a Variety of OOP material for sale�?�from many different ranges. Most of these figures date to the Early mid 90�?Ts though some are from earlier. The listed prices do NOT include shipping. I�?Tm shipping from the US so please factor in the shipping. I will ship as cheaply as possible without compromising the safety of the figures. I have completed quite a few trades on the Warhammer Forum, Bartertown, and Bugman�?Ts Brewery�?�I also have a 100% feedback rating on ebay under the handle �?osaybic�?� I will ship promptly once payment is received. I prefer paypal. Please note that many of the models that look bare have been stripped of old paint or primer so there may be some remnants left. If you need to know if a particular model has been stripped please ask.

I’m also willing to trade for a variety of OOP figures…mostly Marauder Dwarfs, Chaos Dwarfs, and 3rd-4th edition Empire. See Link to pics of my wants at bottom of post.

Here�?Ts the link to the “HAVES” photos: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/csabick/For%20Sale%20Album/

Here is the Description and Price list:

1. Marauder Hammerer… $4




5. Marauder Slayer�?�$4 ea �?�all five for $16

6. Rune Smith (no back banner) �?�$3

7. Marauder Organ Gun Crewman�?�$4




11. Dwarf Villager (note small flaw on tongs) �?�$3

12. Orc Hero (painted) �?�$4

13. SOLD

14. SOLD

15. MD04 High Elf Tielindrion Attack Chariot �?�complete!: �?�$40

16. SOLD

17. High Elf Dragon Princes: �?�$6 each or $11 for both

18. Citadel Fighter: �?�$4

19. Hobgoblin General on Wolf (note tail was glued but has broken off): �?�$14

20. SOLD

21. Epic 40k Tzeentch Daemon:�?� $8

22. Epic 40k Keeper of Secrets: �?�$8

23. Epic 40k Bloodletter: �?�$8

24. All three Epic Daemons: �?�$22

25. Bret Damsel/sorceress�?�Foot: $4, �?�Mounted $6 �?�Both $9

26. Marauder River Troll: �?�$12

27. SOLD

28. Skaven Warp firethrower teams: …$5 each �?�or both for $8

29. Skaven Hero and Standard: �?�$8

30. Skaven Gutter Runners: �?�$3 each or all three �?�$7

31. SOLD

32. Skaven Stormvermin : �?�$3 each �?�or All 10 for $25

33. Marauder Wood Elf Hero and Standard: �?�$7 for both

34. 10 Plastic Dark Elves: �?�$8

35. SOLD

Let me know what your interested in or if you have questions.

Wants for trade Album: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/csabick/Miniatures%20Wants%20List/




Album link broken. :wink:

Blue in VT:

Album link broken. ;)

Thanks for the heads up Xander!!

Link fixed!



PM send! :hat off

… your task to obtain all MM90 must be supported! :cheers



I could do you a straight swap jabbertooth eyesplinter 3rd ed number 6 unpainted for one of your marauder slayers mm16/5 .Pm me if you are interested :hat

Blue in VT:

I could do you a straight swap jabbertooth eyesplinter  3rd ed number 6 unpainted for one of your marauder slayers mm16/5 .Pm me if you are interested :hat

Canix...I'd be happy to make that trade.

PM sent



Pretty sure I have Halbadear 9 if you are after it.

I’m open to anything from empire really as a swap.

Blue in VT:

PM sent.


Pretty sure I have Halbadear 9 if you are after it.

I’m open to anything from empire really as a swap.


Pyro Stick:

I would keep the marauder dwarf xbows if i was you in case you come accross an mm90 crossbowman missing his crossbow. The marauder dwarf xbows are the same ones.

Blue in VT:


Thanks for the advice…I have a couple of the modular ones that I’m hanging onto right now…complete with removable xbow. The ones shown in this album are the ones with the X-bows cast with the model.

Cheers…:hat off


Blue in VT:

:hat off

First a huge THANK YOU to the CDO crew…thanks for all the smooth transactions…I appreciate that you have felt comfortable dealing with me even though I’m a relative newbie around here.

List updated…still plenty left.




Still can’t find my box of miniatures from before I moved house.

Will keep looking :~