[Archive] Lots of stuff! Including Hobgoblins, 3rd/4th edition and Custom Blunders


Hi guys! I have these items up for grabs if anyone wants them!
NOTE: I’m not looking to rip of anyone, in fact, I am willing to part from these models for VERY reasonable prices! PM me if interested :cheers

An Iron Daemon. Well, most of it:

This guy is missing the smoke stack, the crew, the whistle and the wheels. All these things can be easily converted. The smoke stack and the whistle were severely warped anyway… :~

Chaos Dwarf statue:

You can use it as a terrain piece or strip the model and use it as a Bull Centaur! Its original standarf & hand weapon are lost forever…

A Great Taurus:

10 3rd Edition Xbowmen, + Pulper Spikehead and a Standarf bearer. These guys are extremely rare, and usually go on e-bay for 6£ plus. I’m willing to part from them for much less than that:

A Swivel Gun, Chaos Dwarf Petard and 2 Bazooka teams:

12 Custom Chaos Dwarf Warriors. 10£ for all of them and they are yours:

A Chaos Dwarf Throne with bearers, 14th Golden Hat winner. Better pics here

The Avatar of War guy is still there, but he lacks his hammer. Any suitable dwarfish weapon would do anyway…

5 Big Hats… Well, I would ask 5£ for these, but if anyone wants to pay the shipmet you can have them for free…

A unit of 20 Blunderbussers. They are sculpted & converted by me, partially painted (altough I can finish the job upon request, including painting the banner). They won Silver hat 12.

Ah, I forgot to take pics but I also have 10 Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits & 1 Hobgoblin Archer. One of the Seaky Gits is missig a weapon (easily converted anyway), another is missing a foot and comes for free! The Archer had it’s feet off, but I pinned them! You can barely see the pinning under the basecoat.

I’m looking mainly for cash. I can consider trade with the following items:

Empire Archers, I’m mainly after the bodies.

This Empire Engineer, NO FINECAST (or yes Finecast in case you swear on your dog’s health that the model hasn’t got bubbles, isn’t warped, hasn’t got mold lines, has all its particulars in perfect shape, has it edges sharp)!!!

Imperial Guard Master of the Fleet. The guy in the middle. Again, NO FINECAAAAAST! Unless as written above.

The following empire heads:

Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Zombie Arm B - Bitzbox







Imperial Guard Lasguns,
The Weapons out of the Heavy-Weapon-teams kit (any kind but the Mortars would do)…