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Posted this on HoH already, but thought I’d put it here too.

The GW Warhammer site has an article on using VDR style inventions in friendly games of WFB. The Stunty Shredder in particular should be of interest to fans of the Whirlwind/Tenderiser.

If you’ve seen it already, sorry. If not, hope it gives you some ideas…


Uzkul Werit:

le gasp

Those stinking ratmen stole our idea! Still if we switched the Rat Ogre for a normal Ogre, we have the rules for a Whirlwind right there. Neither thought about uding Gyrocopter blades for one.


Thems nice but the stinking rats are stealing our warmachine goodies ,lets flay there damn hides:hat


tut, tut. First the empire steal our rocket idea and now this! what next? I suppose somebody will develop earthshakers soon!


Tusk… the only good ideas there were the multi seat gyrocopter (which was basically an odd kind of flying chariot for dwarf characters, and the stunty shredder which is a CD idea anyway. Even so, its nice to see the US web team bringing some quirkyness back to GW


someone already stole the earth shaker

it in the lizard book

lord kroaks special spell

Kera foehunter:

Well i think some of us could come up with some better idea . Some of them idea are cool but they not realy madd enought. Heck with all the parts and bits gw has i think they could of did better.


I think we should give Arlon a special title now for all of the old threads he’s digging up; something similar to archaeologist perhaps…?

Arlon, you also might want to look at this regards the resurrection of old threads:

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sorry didnt see that part the first time


Consider yourself lucky the mods didn’t unload thier “unholy” wrath on you. Jk :slight_smile:


Instead of bomb rats, chaos dwarfs could use rockets on wheels.


Kera foehunter:

that rocketwould look cool with a skaven riding it .Like a big mouse trap on the front