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Getting my 90’s Big Hats into shape for competitive 9th Age play in this new blog here.

Infernal Engine/Iron Daemon

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage (Inviolable Staff Intrusion at Pain of Death)



Infernal Engine/Iron Daemon
This was a quite expensive conversion I’ve been meaning to finish since 2013-2014. It’s based around an old metal Empire Steamtank with an Earthshaker Crewman as pilot, old orc glyphs and marauder horns to demonify the dragonhead aswell as horns from a modern stegadon to make the big tusks

:hat off


Haha! Nice start! I love to see converted and scratch build warmachines.

Looking forward to seeing more


Grimbold Blackhammer:

You have to love the old stuff! Nice start!!


I sure looks Chaos Dwarfy enough! :slight_smile:


Japp, The conversion work is sufficient to drag the s’tank screaming and kicking into Chaos Dwarf territory looks-wise. Keep at it!


Love it! If I had not finished my engine I would steal this idea.

Well done bro.


Welcome back to CDO Mr. Hat! Good to see that machine finished?

But why the new blog? This old beauty has nearly 35k views already!