[Archive] Maelzch's Skull drive! (W:Skulls + other bitz)


Righty, for the next part of my Chaos Orcs project, I need skulls, and lots of them!!

My estimate is that I’ll need at least 500! :o

Khorne needs your help!

I’m also hunting around for some other bits atm, so does anybody have:

-Spare chaos marauder drums (preferably just the half without the arm around it.) this one

-Chaos Marauder skull shoulder pads here

-Any Marauder arms (either from the infantry or horse box)

-These marauder horse heads 1 2 3

-Chaos warrior/knight helmets

-Chaos Knight axes 1 2 (or any other chaos knight weapons)

-Chaos knight banner top

-Flagellant arms (flails or clubs)

-Beastman Gor weapon arms

-Beastman Gor standard top

-Chaos Terminator Lord heads 1 2

Hashut’s blessing to anybody who can help!

P.S. I’m UK based



Hashut’s Blessing:

I think I’ve used all of mine (sorry), but perhaps you could also find out if anybody wants a skeleton box minus all heads and do that? (I was thinking the old one actually, which would be better as it has more skulls.)

Kera foehunter:

do they have to be plain skulls or could the be skulls of banners and weaponds

do they have to be human i also have some with helmets ???


tbh, pretty much any skulls would be awesome, as i’m after so many!


I know I have a sandwhich baggy with quite a few skulls in it… possibly 30 or more. Just not sure if shipping would be worthwhile (costs would be higher coming from the US …)


I think it would probably cost quite a bit to post them from the US, which is a pain.

Thanks for the offer though.


PM me your addy and I will get an estimate… If it’s too costly, we can call it a no/go… If the price is right, well, then we can help each other out… /wink


i have a khemri army in the house, so know i have a lot of spare skulls, i will work out how many i have when i get a chance and give you a nudge, ive just moved house so i cant put my hands on my bits box atm.


@ superfella - excellent, cheers!


I’ve updated the top thread with more bits I’m after


I’ve got marauder arms with flails on them too… perhpas 12-20 of them… I’ll add them to the skulls and see what else I’ve got… I’ll recheck the shiping costs and pm you later.

I hadn’t forgotten about you, I just got sidetracked…


that’s alright, that just means the sidetracking results in some marauder arms too, yay!


still after tonnes of skulls!

can be from anywhere, i.e:

-the giants top knot with skulls tied in

-empire skull with crossed arrows

-the giant’s dragon skull club

just any skulls at all!!!

any size or shape!


What might help is: what exactly you are planning to do? We might give you ideas you hadn’t considered because frankly I be surprised if you get to that many.


the skulls are for edging the movement trays for my chaos orcs, it’s going to be quite a few!

I have got some from black cat bases, so once I receive them, I’ll post up if i need any more once i’ve got the bcb order, cheers guys!


I’m guessing your going have the edges entirely covered in skulls then? :o


that’s the plan!

I’ve done the tray for my Chosen already, I’ll try to get some pics up in my Chaos Orcs blog at some point.


I think you need to create a thread in the conversions section if you haven’t already done so. This sounds cool and I’d like to see what it looks like. I’m sure others would as well.


I’ve got a Chaos Orcs thread up somewheres

EDIT: here