[Archive] Magic Heavy Chaos Dwarves: Beardy?



Long time; no post… finally got back to my love of the evil stunties and all the conversion fun that comes with it. I’m without an area to paint/convert (in the process of moving and the minis were packed up early), so I thought I’d ask for some advice here before I went out and bought/painted a ton of stuff to play with.

After reading catbarf’s analysis of CD, I’m inclined to agree that we need some ranged threat at greater than 12". Magic, the lores of Fire and Death in particular, seem to provide that in droves.

Being very new to WFB, I had a few questions:

- Is a magic heavy Chaos Dwarf list viable? I’m not looking to win a tournament, but I don’t want to get slaughtered by design either.

- Is a magic heavy list that utilizes some warmachines (max of 1 Death Rocket, 2 Bolt Throwers, and 1 Earth Shaker) considered “beardy”? If I went this route, would one 4th lvl Sorceror Lord and two 2nd lvl Sorcerors be considered “beardy”?

- If I went this route, I was thinking of giving my Lord the lore of metal and either Fire or Death to my 2 second level casters. Is this advisable?


- McNs


yes magic heavy is viable… we access to good lores…

This set up is not beardy in my opinion… you could still push more beardy in a number of directions…

in fact the character set up is pretty much minimum for a list based on magic…

I prefer lore of shadow for my level 4… moving your dwarfs can be invaluable… and PoS is awesome…

death or fire at level 2 is pretty good… bring one of each…

I use metal on scroll caddies… rule of burning iron is still the best spell in the lore…


Thanks for the advice Metro! Hmmm… I can see Shadow on the lvl 4 Sorceror… do you typically use it to get the charge or to avoid the charge?


all sorts of things… though getting the charge with dwarfs is hilarious…

if they let me cast unseen lurker they regret it…

but also steed of shadows makes a great escape pod if your S. lord gets stuck in…

you can toss tooled up hobbie heroes (gauntlets GW) at chariots with it as well…

and fear causing hobgobs can be a lot of fun…

Uzkul Werit:

I think magic heavy with any army is asking for trouble, but this is normally down to the fact that the army in question has items to capitalise on magic. We don’t. :smiley:


I agree with Uzkul, but in other way we have maybe the most competitive wozard lord profile : toughness 5, leadership 10, nakked price : 180. You dont have to choose between powerfull magic and maximum Ld, and this is cool.

Moreover, we have good warmachines, so it’s a true magic+steel firepower to throw to ennemy’s face.


Hi there,

I don’t think magic heavy is cheesy indeed against certain opponents its fantastic - I took my Sorcerer Lord (fire), Plus 2 lvl2 Sorcerers (Metal) list at the weekend against a O&G Player that I knew was going to use Grimgor - 2 turns of Rule of Iron and he had cooked inside his armour :slight_smile: all he had left at the end of 6 turns was 9 night goblins who where fleeing.

If i hadn’t gone magic heavy Grimgor would have ripped through any unit he contacted as he was in a unit of 25 Black Orcs (thats a 750 point unit), however by killing him with magic then shooting the unit with blunderbusses repeatedly i completely negated the unit and it never made it into combat.

Magic and shooting lets us skew the balance in our favour and anything that does that has to be a good thing


IMHO no. Being as list is so far out of date one way to rectify that is through magic. Its a much better option then two ES and then using 6-8 bolt throwers for the special choices!


I personally use the Lore of Fire for all three of my Wizards (1 lv 4, 2, lv2.). I only face Eliteist armies (HE, DE, Dwarves), so the amount of S 4 shots I can put out really hurts them.